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Infertility in the Male
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Main description:

The new edition of this canonical text on male reproductive medicine will cement the book's market-leading position. Practitioners across many specialties - including urologists, gynecologists, reproductive endocrinologists, medical endocrinologists and many in internal medicine and family practice – will see men with suboptimal fertility and reproductive problems. The book provides an excellent source of timely, well-considered information for those training in this young and rapidly evolving field. While several recent books provide targeted 'cookbooks' for those in a male reproductive laboratory, or quick reference for practising generalists, the modern, comprehensive reference providing both a background for male reproductive medicine as well as clinical practice information based on that foundation has been lacking until now. The book has been extensively revised with a particular focus on modern molecular medicine. Appropriate therapeutic interventions are highlighted throughout.


Foreword Alan Decherney; 1. Anatomy and embryology of the male reproductive tract and gonadal development Jane M. Lewis and William E. Kaplan; 2. Male hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis Ettore Caroppo; 3. Leydig cell development and function Barry R. Zirkin, Vassilios Papadopoulos and Matthew P. Hardy; 4. Sertoli cell: morphology, function and regulation Joseph P. Alukal and Dolores J. Lamb; 5. Spermatogenesis in the adult Joseph P. Alukal, Dolores J. Lamb, Craig S. Niederberger and Antoine Makhlouf; 6. The epididymis and accessory sex organs Terry T. Turner; 7. An overview on the molecular mechanisms involved in human fertilization Monica H. Vazquez-Levin and Clara Isabel Marin-Briggiler; 8. New concepts in the genetics of male reproduction and infertility Paul J. Turek; 9. Erection, emission, and ejaculation: mechanisms of control Alexander Műller and John P. Mulhall; 10. Office evaluation of the subfertile male Mark Sigman, Larry I. Lipshultz and Stuart S. Howards; 11. Evaluation of sperm function Armand Zini and Mark Sigman; 12. Endocrine evaluation Rebecca Z. Sokol; 13. Testicular biopsy in male infertility evaluation Joseph P. Alukal, Mohit Khera and Thomas M. Wheeler; 14. Adverse effects of environmental chemicals and drugs on the male reproductive system James V. Bruckner, David M. Fenig and Larry I. Lipshultz; 15. Genetic aspects of infertility Robert D. Oates and Dolores J. Lamb; 16. Immunologic infertility Thomas J. Walsh and Paul J. Turek; 17. The effect of genital tract infection and inflammation on male infertility Sanjay S. Kasturi, E. Charles Osterberg, Justin Tannir and Robert E. Brannigan; 18. Varicocele Harris M. Nagler and Aaron B. Grotas; 19. Evaluation of female infertility for the non-gynecologist R. Dale McClure and Nancy A. Klein; 20. The use of ultrasound and radiologic imaging in the diagnosis of male infertility Saleh Binsaleh, Myles Margolis, Keith Jarvi and Kirk C. Lo; 21. Microsurgical treatment of male infertility Edmund S. Sabanegh Jr. and Anthony J. Thomas Jr.; 22. Techniques of sperm retrieval Edward Karpman and Daniel H. Williams IV; 23. Management of ejaculatory duct obstruction Aleksander Chudnovsky and Victor M. Brugh III; 24. Nonsurgical treatment of male infertility: specific therapy Jesse N. Mills and Randall B. Meacham; 25. Nonsurgical treatment of male infertility: empiric therapy Karen E. Boyle; 26. Abnormalities of ejaculation Nancy L. Brackett, Dana A. Ohl, Jens Sønksen and Charles M. Lynne; 27. Male contraception and vasectomy Stanton C. Honig and Jay I. Sandlow; 28. Intrauterine insemination from the urologist's perspective Christine Mullin, Jim Stelling and Richard A. Schoor; 29. In-vitro fertilization and micromanipulation for male infertility Rodrigo L. Pagani, Paulo C. Serafini and Miguel Srougi; 30. Psychological issues of infertility and assisted reproductive technology Linda D. Applegarth; 31. Legal issues in fertility preservation in the male Susan L. Crockin and Elizabeth M. Bloom; 32. Analyzing male fertility data Antoine A. Makhlouf and Craig S. Niederberger; 33. Semen analysis Susan A. Rothmann and Angela A. Reese; 34. Strict criteria for sperm morphology Grace M. Centola and R. S. Jeyendran; 35. Sperm processing techniques Grace M. Centola and R. S. Jeyendran; 36. Sperm banking: indications and techniques Moshe Wald and Gail S. Prins; 37. Tests for antisperm antibodies Suresh C. Sikka and Wayne J. G. Hellstom; 38. Semen white blood cell assay Joseph A. Politch and Deborah J. Anderson; 39. Determination of seminal oxidants (reactive oxygen species) Ashok Agarwal and Fnu Deepinder; 40. Measurement of DNA fragmentation in human spermatozoa Denny Sakkas; 41. A look towards the future: advances in andrology expected to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of the infertile male Dolores J. Lamb.


ISBN-13: 9780511630316
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: September, 2009
Pages: 688
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 34.00