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Immunotoxicology and Immunopharmacology, Third Edition
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Main description:

Continuing the tradition set by the first and second editions, each a bestseller in its own right, the third edition of Immunotoxicology and Immunopharmacology provides reviews of environmental agents, updated to reflect the latest information on how these agents influence immune system function and health. For the first time in the book's history, an entire section covers the phylogeny and ontogeny of the immune system, spanning levels of biological complexity from earthworms to marine mammals.


IMMUNOTOXICOLOGY AND HAZARD IDENTIFICATION Immunotoxicology: Thirty Years and Counting, R.V. House and R.W. Luebke Immunotoxicity Hazard Identification and Testing Guidelines, K.L. Hastings and K. Nakamura Interpreting Immunotoxicology Data for Risk Assessment, M.I. Luster, C.G. Parks and D.R. Germolec Mechanisms of Immunotoxicity, G.S. Ladics and M.R. Woolhiser Animal and In Vitro Models of Immunotoxicity, E. Corsini The Promise Of Genomics and Proteomics in Immunotoxicology and Immunopharmacology, S.B. Pruett, S.D. Holladay, M.R. Prater, B. Yucesoy and M.I. Luster The Use of Multiparameter Flow Cytometry in Immunotoxicology and Immunopharmacology, L.A. Burns-Naas, N.I. Kerkvliet, D.L. Laskin, C.D. Bortner, and S.W. Burchiel IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY AND IMMUNOTOXICOLOGY OF THERAPEUTICS Targeted Therapeutic Immune Response Modulators, H.G. Haggerty and L.E. Black Immunoaugmenting Therapeutics: Recombinant Cytokines and Biological Response Modifiers, J. Talmadge Opioid-induced Immunomodulation, T.B. Saurer and D.T. Lysle Immunomodulation by Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, D.M. Shepherd ENVIRONMENTAL AGENTS Lead Immunotoxicity, R.R. Dietert and M.J. McCabe, Jr. Immunotoxicology of Jet Propulsion Fuel-8, D.E. Keil Immune Modulation by TCDD and Related Polyhalogenated Aromatic Hydrocarbons, B.P. Lawrence and N.I. Kerkvliet Mechanisms by Which Ultraviolet Radiation, A Ubiquitous Environmental Toxin, Suppress The Immune Response, S.E. Ullrich Immunotoxicology and Inflammatory Mechanisms of Arsenic, R.M. Patterson, K.J. Trouba and D.R. Germolec Modulation of Inflammatory Gene Expression by Trichothecene Mycotoxins, J.J. Pestka IMMUNOTOXICITY IN THE LUNG Host Defense and Immunotoxicology in the Lung, M.I. Gilmour and K. Gowdy DEVELOPMENTAL IMMUNOTOXICITY Immune System Ontogeny and Developmental Immunotoxicology, R.J. Smialowicz, K.M. Brundage and J.W. Barnett Development of a Framework for Developmental Immunotoxicity (DIT) Testing, M.P. Holsapple, J.W. van der Laan, and H. van Loveren WILDLIFE IMMUNOTOXICOLOGY Invertebrate Immunotoxicology, T.S. Galloway and A.J. Goven Amphibian, Fish and Bird Immunotoxicology, L.A. Rollins-Smith, C.D. Rice, and K.A. Grasman Marine Mammal Immunotoxicology, P.S. Ross and S. De Guise AUTOIMMUNITY AND AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES Immunopathogenesis of Autoimmune Diseases, D. Fairweather and N.R. Rose Environmental Influences on Autoimmunity and Autoimmune Diseases, G.S. Cooper and F.W. Miller Drug-Induced Autoimmune Disease, J.P. Uetrecht Experimental Models of Autoimmunity, R. Pieters and S. Nierkens NEUROIMMUNOLOGY An Overview of Neural-Immune Communication in Development, Adulthood, and Aging, D.L. Bellinger, S. ThyagaRajan, A.K. Damjanovic, B. Millar, C. Lubahn and D. Lorton Stress, Immune Function and Resistance to Disease: Human and Rodent Models, E.V. Yang and R. Glaser Recreational Drugs, Immune Function and Resistance to Infection, H. Friedman, S. Pross and T.W. Klein ALLERGY AND HYPERSENSITIVITY Allergy to Chemicals and Proteins: An Introduction, M.J. Selgrade and B.J. Mead Allergic Contact Dermatitis: Immunobiological and Clinical Aspects, G.F. Gerberick, B.D. Lushniak, R.J. Dearman, and I. Kimber Respiratory Allergy and Occupational Asthma, K. Sarlo and M. Baccam Chemical Allergy: Hazard Identification, Hazard Characterization and Risk Assessment, R.J. Dearman, D.A. Basketter, G.F. Gerberick, and I. Kimber Food Allergy: Approaches to Hazard and Risk Assessment, I. Kimber, A. Penninks, and R.J. Dearman Drug Allergy, K.L. Hastings


ISBN-13: 9781420005448
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Publication date: December, 2006
Pages: 672