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Imaging of the Newborn
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Main description:

This fully revised new edition of a popular practical guide provides a concise introduction to radiology in neonates, covering the full range of problems likely to be encountered in the neonatal ICU. The material is presented in atlas format, with concise text descriptions to provide a quick overview of the indications, utility, appearances and interpretation of images of common neonatal pathology. Numerous high-quality images enable easy 'matching' with clinical cases faced by the reader. New to this edition: • Images updated throughout to reflect improvements in equipment and scanning techniques • Expanded chapters on cardiovascular problems, bone and prenatal ultrasound • New chapters on clinical utility of procedures, metabolic and inborn errors of metabolism, and antenatal diagnosis of common abnormalities Concise and practical, this is an essential training resource for all those who work in the neonatal ICU, including pediatric residents and trainees, junior radiologists and nurse practitioners.


Preface; 1. Introduction to the principles of the radiological investigation of the neonate Sara B. DeMauro, John Mernagh, Monica Epelman and Haresh Kirpalani; 2. Evidence based use of diagnostic imaging: reliability and validity Sara B. DeMauro and Haresh Kirpalani; 3. The chest David Munson, Monica Epelman, David Millar and Haresh Kirpalani; 4. Neonatal congenital heart disease Jeffrey C. Hellinger and Mary M. K. Seshia; 5. Special considerations for neonatal ECMO Maria Fraga, James Connolly, Holly Hedrick and Natalie Rintoul; 6. The central nervous system Hiten Mehta, Monica Epelman, Claire Miller, John Mernagh and Elaine Boyle; 7. The gastrointestinal tract Garry Inglis, Michael A. Posencheg, John Mernagh and David Cartwright; 8. The kidney Kevin Meyers and Monica Epelman; 9. Some principles of in utero and postnatal formation of the skeleton Martin Reed, Saima Aftab and Anne Ades; 10. Metabolic diseases Xing-Chang Wei and Aneal Khan; 11. Catheters and tubes David Cartwright and Garry Inglis; 12. Routine prenatal screening during pregnancy Eileen Y. Wang, John Mernagh and Michael A. Posencheg; 13. Antenatal diagnosis of selected defects Michael A. Posencheg and Eileen Wang; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781139180801
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: November, 2011
Pages: 270
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 17.00