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Imaging in Cellular and Tissue Engineering
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Main description:

This book covers the full range of available imaging modalities and optical methods used to help evaluate material and biological behavior. It also highlights a wide range of optical and biological applications. Each chapter in the text describes a specific application and discusses relevant instrumentation, governing physical principles, data processing procedures, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each modality. Following a broad introduction to key topics, the main chapters are divided between in vitro and in vivo applications. The final section focuses on methods for data processing and analysis.


OVERVIEW Introduction to Cellular and Tissue Engineering (CTE), Hanry Yu IN VITRO APPLICATIONS Confocal Microscopy for Cellular Imaging: High-Content Analysis, Barry Masters Two-Photon Microscopy for Scaffold Characterization, Chen-Yan Dong Two-Photon Microscopy for Surface Mapping and Organ Characterization, Dean Tai AFM for Cell and Tissue Niche, Sun Wanxin CT/MRI for Computer-Aided Tissue Engineering, Wei Sun Fast Micro-CT for In Vitro Application, PC Cheng IN VIVO APPLICATIONS X-Ray and Scintigraphy Applications for Tissue Engineering, Benjamin Harrison Ultrasound Imaging in Gene and Drug Delivery, Katherine Ferrara MRI to Monitor Implanted Constructs, Athanassios Sambanis PET/SPECT to Monitor Implanted Constructs, David Townsend CT/Micro-CT to Monitor Implanted Constructs, Teoh Swee Hin Two-Photon Imaging of Bone Marrow, Charles Lin Intravascular OCT, Linbo Liu Confocal Imaging for Ocular Surface Inflammation, Roger Beuerman Small Animal Optical Imaging, Robert Hoffman Whole Animal Imaging in Gene Delivery, Wang Shu Imaging in Metabolic Medicine, Weiping Han DATA ANALYSIS Image Processing for Cellular Engineering, Felix Margadant Image Analysis for Cellular Engineering, Jagath Rajapakse Confocal Microscopy for Large Population Imaging, James Evans Perspective on the Future of CTE, Hanry Yu


ISBN-13: 9781439848043
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: June, 2013
Pages: 294