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Hyperthermia in Oncology
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Main description:

Hyperthermia in oncology is the application of heat to a patient's body for the purpose of cancer treatment. In recent years, its use has seen rapid development, with a large amount of clinical data becoming available. Hyperthermia in Oncology synthesizes the current research on the topic and provides treatment protocols for using localized as well as whole-body hyperthermia. The differentiating characteristic of this book is the systematic documentation of evidence. Standard procedures for cancer diagnosis, treatment, and management are included along with guidance for evaluating clinical therapeutic effects. The book examines the unique effects of hyperthermia treatment with a large quantity of evidence-based data from both medical research and clinical practice. It reviews outcomes of cancer patients clinically treated at Clifford Hospital, a state-of-the-art facility with Joint Commission International accreditation located in Guangzhou, China. A diverse set of clinical cases is discussed. For each case, a scientific, rational, and practical patient treatment plan is presented.
The amount and type of heat administered to patients are analyzed when hyperthermia is used in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or other therapeutic strategies. Although hyperthermia is not an independent treatment method for cancer, it can play a significant synergistic and complementary role. As such, this book can serve as a valuable clinical guide for the effective use of hyperthermia in integrative cancer therapy.


Introduction Overview of Hyperthermia in Oncology Definition of Hyperthermia in Oncology Origin and Development of Hyperthermia in Oncology Research Status on Hyperthermia in Oncology Development Trend of Hyperthermia in Oncology Categories and Methods of Hyperthermia in Oncology Categories and Methods of Traditional Hyperthermia Categories and Methods of Modern Hyperthermia Physical Technology and Biological Basis of Hyperthermia in Oncology Introduction Physical Technologies of Hyperthermia in Oncology Biological Basis of Hyperthermia in Oncology Safety of Normal Tissues Under Cancer Hyperthermia Hyperthermia in Oncology and Nontoxic Integrative Treatments Hyperthermia Integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine Hyperthermia Integrated with Chelation and Detoxification Therapy Hyperthermia Integrated with Medical Ozone Therapy Hyperthermia Integrated with Cell Therapy Hyperthermia Integrated with Acupuncture Therapy Cancer Hyperthermia and Medicated Diet Nutrition Therapy Hyperthermia Integrated with Psychotherapy Hyperthermia Integrated with Traditional Natural Therapy Hyperthermia Integrated with Systemic Biofeedback Therapy Hyperthermia Integrated with Constitutional Alkalinization Therapy Hyperthermia Integrated with Cryosurgical Therapy Clinical Applications of Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatments Introduction Local and Regional Hyperthermia Endoceliac Chemohyperthermia Whole-Body Hyperthermia Informed Consent for Hyperthermia Treatment Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan for Hyperthermia Treatment Cancer Hyperthermia and Integrative Treatment Prescription Integrative Hyperthermia Regimens for Common Complications of Cancer Oppression Symptom Caused By Cancer Metastases Integrative Hyperthermia Treatments for Different Types of Cancer Superficial Tumors Intracranial Tumors Oral Cancer Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Thyroid Carcinoma Esophageal Cancer Lung Cancer Breast Cancer Liver Cancer Gastric Cancer Pancreatic Carcinoma Colorectal Cancer Kidney Cancer Bladder Cancer Prostate Cancer Cervical Cancer Ovarian Cancer Endometrial Carcinoma Tumors of Limbs, Bones, and Soft Connective Tissues Lymphoma Hemopathy Nursing Care Techniques on Hyperthermia in Cancer Treatment Introduction Nursing in Whole-Body Infrared Hyperthermia Local or Regional Hyperthermia Nursing Nursing in Hyperthermic Peritoneal Perfusion Therapeutic Protocols of Integrated Hyperthermia Treatment for Non-Cancer Diseases Introduction Hyperthermia Mechanisms for Noncancerous Diseases Differences Between Modern Hyperthermia and Traditional Hyperthermia Hyperthermia for Noncancerous Diseases Bibliography Appendix 1: General Condition Evaluation of Cancer Patients Appendix 2: Assessment on Curative Effect Appendix 3: Common Clinical Prescriptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine Index


ISBN-13: 9781498714471
Publisher: Productivity Press
Publication date: May, 2015
Pages: 396