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How to Select and Apply Change Strategies in Groups
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Main description:

Learn to develop key strategies and directly influence positive group culture
This accessible book details the competencies, functions, and strategies that help members benefit from a positive group culture as they pursue their own learning. The authors demonstrate how group members and leaders learn and derive meaning from their group work experience. Drawing on the latest research on group work, this practical book also covers diversity and multicultural issues as well as accreditation or specialty standards.

How to Select and Apply Change Strategies in Groups is part of the Group Work Practice Kit: Improving the Everyday Practice of Group Work, a collection of nine books each authored by scholars in the specific field of group work. To promote a consistent reading experience, the books in the collection conform to editor Robert K. Conyne's outline. Designed to provide practitioners, instructors, students, and trainees with concrete direction for improving group work, the series provides thorough coverage of the entire span of group work practice.

This book is endorsed by the Association for Specialists in Group Work.


Chapter 1: Introduction and OverviewChapter 2: The Essentials for Effective Implementation of Change StrategiesChapter 3: Kinds of Change StrategiesChapter 4: Working with an Individual During a Group SessionChapter 5: Resistant Members, Guidelines, and Common MistakesChapter 6: Real CaseChapter 7: Learning Activities and Concluding CommentsReferences


ISBN-13: 9781483318202
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Inc)
Publication date: October, 2013
Pages: 80

Subcategories: Psychotherapy