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High G Flight
Physiological Effects and Countermeasures
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Main description:

This book provides a unique, authoritative and detailed examination of the physiological and clinical consequences of human exposure to high G forces. Pilots of military fast jets, civilian aerobatic pilots and astronauts during the launch and re-entry phases of spaceflight are frequently and repetitively exposed to high G forces, for which the human body is not fundamentally designed. The book examines not only the nature of the high G environment, but the physiological effects of exposure to high G on the various systems of the human body. In particular, the susceptibility of the human cardiovascular system to high G is considered in detail, since G-Induced Loss of Consciousness (G-LOC) is a serious hazard for high G pilots. Additionally, the factors that influence tolerance to G and the emerging scientific evidence of physiological adaptation to high G are examined, as are the various countermeasures and techniques that have been developed over the years to protect pilots from the potentially adverse consequences of high G flight, such as the G-suit and positive pressure breathing.
The accumulated knowledge of human exposure to high G is drawn together within High G Flight, resulting in a definitive volume on the physiological effects of high G and their countermeasures.


Contents: Foreword, Lieutenant General (Dr) Thomas W. Travis; Preface. Part I Mechanics of G: The physics of gravity; High G flight. Part II Physiology of G: The cardiovascular system at +1 Gz; The cardiovascular system at high Gz; Respiratory effects of G; Musculoskeletal effects of G; Miscellaneous clinical effects of G. Part III Tolerance and Adaptation: Tolerance to high G; Cardiovascular adaptation to acceleration. Part IV Countermeasures: The anti-G straining manoeuvre; The G suit; Positive pressure breathing for G protection. References; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781472414588
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited
Publication date: May, 2015
Pages: None