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Health Communication
Theory, Method, and Application
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Main description:

Health Communication provides coverage of the major areas of interest in the field of health communication, including interpersonal, organizational, and health media. It takes an in-depth approach to health communication research by analyzing and critically evaluating research conducted across multiple paradigmatic perspectives. This edited textbook includes chapters covering such topics as: * interpersonal health communication issues, challenges, and complexities in health communication, * communication aspects of health behaviors and conditions, * organizational issues in health communication, and * media and eHealth research. Chapters have been contributed by noted researchers and educators in health communication and represent the current state of the field. They offer pedagogical features that will prove useful to students and instructors of health communication, such as sidebars, summary boxes, suggestions for in-class activities, discussion questions, and lists of additional resources.
A companion website provides online resources for use with this text, including: For students: * Test questions * Downloadable flash cards * Exam study guides For instructors: * PowerPoint slides * Sample syllabi * Sample assignments Developed for use in upper-level health communication courses, this text represents the breadth and depth of health communication theory and research as it exists today.


1. Health Communication: An Introduction to Theory, Method, and Application Nancy Grant Harrington Section 1: People and Their Persepctives 2. The Patient Experience Gretchen Norling Holmes, Nancy Grant Harrington 3. Understanding Caregiver Challenges and Social Support Needs Elaine Wittenberg-Lyles, Joy Goldsmith, and Sara Shaunfield 4. Providers' Perspectives on Health Communication: Influences, Processes, and Outcomes Melinda Villagran, Melinda Weathers 5. Approaches to Studying Provider-Patient Communication Carma L. Bylund, Christopher J. Koenig 6. Interprofessional Communication: Health Care Teams and Medical Interpreters Kevin Real, Marjorie Buckner Section 2: Challenges and Complexities in Health Communication 7. Factors Affecting the Patient Katharine J. Head, Elisia L. Cohen 8. Social-Cultural Factors in Health Communication Evelyn Y. Ho 9. Risky Health Behaviors Among Adolescents and Young Adults, Pamela K. Cupp, Matthew W. Savage, Katharine Atwood, Melissa Abadi 10. Mental Health and Illness, Nancy Grant Harrington, Ashley Duggan 11. Ethical Issues in Health Communication Allison M. Scott, Nicholas T. Iannarino Section 3: Technology, Media, and eHealth 12. New Technologies in Health Communication Nancy Grant Harrington, Katharine J. Head 13. Media Effects and Health, Adam J. Parrish, Sarah C. Vos, Elisia L. Cohen 14. Campaigns and Interventions Donald W. Helme, Matthew W. Savage, Rachael A. Record 15. Internet and eHealth Seth M. Noar 16. Risk and Crisis Communication, Shari R. Veil, Timothy L. Sellnow


ISBN-13: 9781134063635
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: October, 2014
Pages: 448
Dimensions: 187.00 x 235.00 x 33.00