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Handbook of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Agent Exposures
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Main description:

Treating nuclear, biological, and chemical agent exposures presents a unique set of challenges. These scenarios usually involve multiple exposures, sometimes even mass exposures, from a single, often poorly-defined, event. Early symptoms are not distinct and can often be variable. Laboratory analyses may be required from environmental, often nonbiological, specimens. Scene evaluation and pre-hospital decontamination may turn out to be the most important intervention. Hospital resource utilization must be a consideration. Even the pathologist performing autopsies needs adequate preparation. It is with these considerations in mind that the Handbook of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Agent Exposures was created. Taking a concise yet comprehensive, clinical approach to the treatment of these exposures, the authors provide concise information on radiation substances, biological agents, chemical toxins, laboratory tests, and antidotes. The book includes essays on topics such as Field Identification and Decontamination of Toxins, Bioterrorism and the Skin, and Mass Exposures Involving the Pediatric Population.
A quick review of the contents will tell you that this book contains the tools you need when facing the formidable tasks of diagnosing and treating nuclear, biological, and chemical agent exposures.


Special Topics Include: * Dermal Aspects of Bioterrorism * Pediatric Mass Exposure * Field Identification and Decontamination * Pharmacy Preparedness Alphabetical Monographs - 63 Chemical Agents, 27 Biological Agents, 50 Diagnostic Tests/Procedures, 65 Antidotal Agents, 11 Radiological Agents Appendix - Includes tables, algorithms, charts, graphs, general and specific toxicology guidelines Alphabetical Index - Contains monographs names, brand names, synonyms, and scientific names to assist in easy location of monographs


ISBN-13: 9781420044782
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Publication date: March, 2007
Pages: 752