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Handbook of Gender and Sexuality in Psychological Assessment
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Main description:

Handbook of Gender and Sexuality in Psychological Assessment brings together two interrelated realms: psychological assessment with gender and sexuality. This handbook aids in expanding the psychological assessors' knowledge and skill when considering how gender and sexuality shapes the client's and the assessor's experiences. Throughout the six sections, gender and sexuality are discussed in their relation to different psychological methods of assessment; various psychological disorders; special considerations for children, adolescents, and older adults; important training and ethical considerations; as well as several in-depth case discussions.


Preface I: Introductory Chapters 1. The Construction of Gender and Sex, and their Implications for Psychological Assessment Virginia M. Brabender and Joni L Mihura 2. Bringing Multiple Identities into Focus Virginia M. Brabender and Joni L Mihura II: Assessment Tools 3. Hidden in Plain Sight: Gender and Sexuality in the Clinical Assessment Interview Matthew L. Whitehead 4. A Framework for Considering Gender in the Cognitive Assessment Process Mary T. Rourke and Ellen Bartolini 5. Gender Considerations in Self-Report Personality Assessment Interpretation Radhika Krishnamurthy 6. Sex and Gender Distinctions and the Rorschach Inkblot Method: Conceptual Implications of a Minimum of Difference Steven Tuber, Kira Boesch, Greg Gagnon, and Devon Harrison 7. Human Figure Drawings and Thematic Apperception Test Narratives: Clinical Uses for Understanding Gender Roles and Sexuality Marshall L. Silverstein III: Personality, Psychopathology and Gender-based Issues 8. Assessing and Interpreting Adult Attachment with Gender Nonconforming Clients Hal S. Shorey 9. Beyond Biology: Sex, Gender, and Personality Disorders Robert F. Bornstein and Barbara A. McLeod 10. Sex, Gender Identity, and the Assessment of Psychosis James H. Kleiger 11. Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation in the Assessment of Affective Disorders Pavel S. Blagov and Joshua A. Goodman 12. Considering Issues of Gender and Sexuality in the Assessment of Anxiety Disorders Julia Hodgson, Rebecca Preiser, and Michael C. Cassano 13. Issues of Gender in Assessment of Feeding and Eating Disorders April Fallon and Kari Lannon 14. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation in the Assessment and Management of Suicide Alixandra Burks and Robert J. Cramer IV: Case Illustrations of Gender-Based Issues 15. Transferential and Countertransferential Aspects of Multicultural Diversity in Psychological Assessment and Psychotherapy: A Case Illustration Highlighting Race and Gender Jed Yalof 16. Feeling Gravity's Pull: Answering Unasked Questions of Gender and Sexuality Stacey M. Boyer, Alan L. Schwartz, and David J. York 17. A Case of Gender Bias From Indictment To Disposition Ginger Calloway 18. The Intersection of Gender and Immigration in the Personality Assessment of Women Giselle A. Hass 19. Psychological Assessment of the Effects of Sexual Harassment Nancy Kaser-Boyd 20. Psychological Assessment with Trans People Wayne Bullock and Nick Wood 21. Using Therapeutic Assessment in Psychological Assessments Required for Sex Reassignment Surgery Stephen E. Finn V: Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Development Status 22. Assessment of Pretend Play: Gender Similarities and Differences Sandra Russ and Olena Zyga 23. Gender, Sexuality, and Assessment in Adolescents A. Jordan Wright and Lynette Nickleberry 24. Who I Was, Who I Am: Gender and Generativity in the Assessment of Older Adults Mary Languirand VI: Looking Forward 25. How to Train Professionals in the Clinical Assessment of Sexuality & Gender Kile M. Ortigo and Brandon J. Weiss 26. Sex, Gender, and Psychological Assessment: Integrating Principle and Feminist Ethics Appendix A: Patria J. Alvelo, Nancy Maguire, and Linda K. Knauss 27. Sex and Gender in Psychological Assessment: Where Do We Go From Here? Joni L. Mihura and Virginia M. Brabender


ISBN-13: 9781317669289
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: February, 2016
Pages: 680

Subcategories: Psychology, Psychotherapy