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Get into Nursing & Midwifery
A Guide to Application and Career Success
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Main description:

This book is a helpful companion for those hoping to become nurses or midwives. Applications to nursing and midwifery courses are on the rise, and with limited university places available, competition is high. This accessible guide, packed with up to date and practical information, will guide you through all stages of the admissions process and maximise your likelihood of success.


CONTENTS Preface ix List of contributors xi Key facts xii Acknowledgements xiii Chapter 1 An Introduction to the professions 1 Why be a nurse or midwife? 2 What is it like being a nurse or midwife? 5 What skills and attributes do I need to be a nurse or midwife? 18 Midwifery specifics 20 Nursing specifics (Jo Rouse) 24 Summary 29 Further reading 30 Chapter 2 Starting the journey 31 Entry routes 32 Examples of university courses 36 'But I'm still not sure' 46 Summary 48 Open day checklist 50 Chapter 3 Application and selection 52 Completing the application form 53 Selection days -- a 'bird's-eye' view 64 How to be successful at interview (Sarah Holling) 71 'I'm worried that I won't get a place because I have dyslexia/ a criminal conviction a / health problem 90 Summary 97 Interview checklist 98 Selection day resources 100 Interview survival kit 101 Example interview questions 102 Chapter 4 Pre-course preparation 103 Start-up skills 104 Save money 105 Organise a back-up plan 105 Refresh study skills 106 Health and well-being 108 Emotional intelligence 109 Summary 111 Friendly pre-course reading 111 Annotated bibliography tool 113 Chapter 5 Planning for adversity: building resilience 114 Older and wiser (Martin Spurin) 115 From a student's point of view 120 The successful student (Kim Russell) 124 Summary 129 References 131 Index 133


ISBN-13: 9781317902720
Publisher: Pearson (Pearson Education Limited)
Publication date: January, 2012
Pages: 152