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Forensic Psychology and Neuropsychology for Criminal and Civil Cases
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Today's increasingly sophisticated neuropsychological assessments allow for a greater understanding and more effective evaluation in forensic psychology. By integrating discussions of modern neuropsychological tests with extant civil and criminal cases, "Forensic Psychology and Neuropsychology for Criminal and Civil Cases" presents a unique resource for insight into the impact of modern behavioral science on the legal system. Divided into three parts, this timely compilation of articles from national and international experts begins with foundational issues such as the legal, ethical, and applied aspects of mitigation evaluations. It examines violence prediction and risk analysis, violence in the family, and the detection of malingering and deception in forensic evaluations.Part 2 looks at the psychological issues found in criminal forensic evaluation. This section discusses assessments of competence to stand trial, mitigatory defenses, and hostage negotiation, as well as the psychological impact of officer-involved shootings.
The final part focuses on neuropsychological evaluation as it is relevant to civil cases including worker's compensation, malingered pain and memory deficits, and parental assessment in child maltreatment cases. Providing several full case studies in more than a dozen appendices, this book addresses both psychological and neuropsychological concepts in the context of the legal system and allows for a practical understanding and application of behavioral, legal, and ethical issues in civil and criminal cases.


Foundational Issues Criminal Responsibility Evaluation in a Methamphetamine-Murder Case, H.V. Hall, P. Bresciani, K. Spohn, and E. Yudko The Legal, Ethical, and Applied Aspects of Capital Mitigation Evaluations: Practice Guidance from a Principles-Based Approach, G. Marczyk, L. Knauss, J. Kutinsky, D. Dematteo, and K. Heilbrun Detecting Malingering and Deception in Forensic Evaluations, H.V. Hall, J.G. Poirier, and J. Thompson Parents with Brain Impairment: Care and Protection Matters, L. Oberlander Condie, and D. Condie Violence in the Family: Including Lethal Outcome, J.G. Poirier Violence Prediction and Risk Analysis, H.V. Hall Criminal Forensic Evaluation Forensic Psychological Issues in Officer-Involved Shooting, Use of Force, and Suicide by Cop Cases, K. Mohandie Psychological Consultation in Hostage/Barricade Crisis Negotiation, J.A. Call Deception in Criminal Contexts, H.V. Hall, J.G. Poirier, and J. Thompson Assessment of Competence to Proceed in the Criminal Process, R.K. Otto and R.L. Demier Mitigatory Defenses: Degrees and Aspects of Criminal Responsibility, S.B. McPherson Mental Retardation and the Criminal Justice System: Forensic Issues, R.S. Ebert, and J.S. Long MMPI-Based Forensic Psychological Assessment of Lethal Violence, R.J. Craig The Juvenile Sex Offender, J.G. Poirier Civil Forensic Evaluation Evaluation of Effort in Independent Neuropsychological Evaluations for Workers' Compensation Cases, L.E. Baade, R. Heinrichs Matson, and D.K. Soetaert Malingered Pain and Memory Deficits in Civil-Forensic Contexts, H.V. Hall, J.G. Poirier, and J. Thompson Evaluating the Evaluators in Custodial Placement Disputes, D.A. Martindale, and J.W. Gould Employment and Discrimination Litigation: The Dysfunctional Side of Workplace Diversity, J.M. Finkleman Forensic Neuropsychological Examination with Emphasis upon the Postconcussive Syndrome, R.S. Parker Child Maltreatment Parental Assessments, J. Manley, and D. Chavez Glossary Appendices Index


ISBN-13: 9780849381843
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: November, 2007
Pages: 992