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Forensic Nursing
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Written by an award-winning investigative journalist with more than twenty years of experience, "Forensic Nursing" takes an objective yet engaging look at a profession that according to the author, 'is only for those with a strong stomach, a pure heart, and a quick mind.' It presents the personal experiences and perspectives of forensic nurses that work in all areas of forensic and critical care/emergency practice. The book explores the many medico-legal issues that a forensic nurse will encounter during the course of a career. It details the pertinent medico-legal skill sets that every forensic nurse should acquire. It describes how to effectively yet sensitively approach situations involving sexual assault and interpersonal violence.The text also illustrates how to conduct a successful medico-legal death investigation. Also of particular interest is information on legal nurse consulting and nursing jurisprudence. The author describes how to prepare for trial and how to maintain professional conduct in the courtroom. She details how to collect DNA evidence and how to deal with the medico-legal issues that may arise from this evidence.
"Forensic Nursing" also serves as a career road map for the beginning forensic nurse, as a motivational tool for the immediate-level nurse, and as a chronicle of past, present, and future challenges and victories for the advanced/seasoned practitioner.


Table of Introduction to Forensic Nursing Who Needs a Forensic Nurse? Introduction to Forensic Nursing Clinical Forensic Medicine and "Living Forensics" The Development of the Forensic Antenna and Cultivation of the Index of Suspicion Investigation of Suspicious Injury/Death Investigating Undiagnosed Trauma A New Nursing Specialty Emerges Forensic Nursing as Part of the Nursing Process The Nursing Process The Forensic Nursing Scope of Practice The Scientific Method Forensic Nursing Science: A Logical Next Step? The Mandate for Forensic Nursing The Scope of the Problem: 2002 and 2004 Crime Reports The Response to Violence by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organization The Response to Violence by the Public Health Community Is There a Forensic Nurse in the House? Forensic Issues in the Clinical Setting The Emergency Department as the Forensic Portal of Healthcare Presentation of Specific Forensic Cases in the ED The Forensic Nursing Response Sudden, Suspicious, or Unexpected Death in the Healthcare Environment Healthcare Serial Killers Quality Improvement and Risk Management Violence in the Healthcare Environment Forensic Nurses' Medico-Legal Skill Sets: Observation, Documentation, Photography, and Evidence Collection The Importance of Medico-Legal Skill Sets Documentation in the Medical Record How Healthcare Providers Can Improve Their Documentation Skills Forensic Photography Evidence Collection Sexual Assault Sexual Violence is a Global Problem Sexual Assault Hits Closer to Home: The Domestic Problem Sexual Violence: Definitions, Prevalence, Characteristics Health-Related Consequences of Sexual Violence Victims' Utilization of Medical Services The Healthcare Response to Sexual Violence The Cost of Sexual Assault Quality-of-Care Issues The Medico-legal Examination Environment Genital Injuries in Sexual Assault Victims Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault A National Protocol for Handling Sexual Assault Cases Interpersonal Violence The Scope of the Problem Domestic Violence in Urban vs. Rural Settings The Healthcare System's Response to Interpersonal Violence Healthcare Providers' Role in Interpersonal Violence Cases The Mental and Physical Impacts of IPV Domestic Violence Cases: The Emergency Department Portal The Scope of Partner Violence A National Consensus on Domestic Violence The Family Justice Center Concept Vulnerable Populations Violence Against Disabled Individuals Violence Against Men Violence Against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Individuals Violence Against Elders Violence Against Children Sexual Violence in the Military Department of Justice Recommendations Sexual Assault and Abuse in the Military Looking to the Future Sexual Violence in the U.S. Military: A Review of the Literature Sexual Violence on Campus Forensic Psychiatric Nursing and Corrections Nursing Balancing the Demands of Care and Custody in an "Invisible" Nursing Specialty The United Kingdom Experience Forensic Psychiatric Nursing: A Review of the Literature The Care and Feeding of Forensic Psychiatric Nurses One Nurse's Story The Human Psyche and the Forensic Psychiatric Nurse Victimology and Profiling: Is it in a Forensic Nurse's Purview? Psychiatric Nursing in the Correctional Setting Nurses and Correctional Officers: An Interdisciplinary Approach Corrections Nursing Special Issues: Women in Prison Special Issues: Sexual Coercion of Women in Prison Special Issues: Victims of Prison Rape A Career With Cross-over Appeal: Corrections Nursing and Medico-legal Death Investigation Medico-Legal Death Investigation Making the Transition From the Living to the Dead Applying a Nurse's Skill Sets to Death Investigation Understanding the Cause, Manner and Mechanism of Death Mechanism of Injuries and Wound Identification Post-Mortem Changes Crime Scene Investigation Death Investigation: The Process Nurses' Contributions to Death Investigation Medical Examiners and Coroners: Context for the Forensic Nurse Examiner Nurses as Coroners Nurses as Medical Examiners Nurses as Death Investigators and Law Enforcement Officers Forensic Nurses and DMORT Duty Integrating Clinical Practice and Death Investigation Legal Nurse Consulting and Nursing Jurisprudence The Legal Nurse Consultant The Tales of Two LNCs The Scope of Practice of LNCs The LNC and the Medical Record The LNC and Forensic Cases The Forensic Nurse Goes to Court Forensic Nurses and Expert Testimony Preparation for Trial and Professional Conduct in the Courtroom The Future of Legal Nurse Consulting and Nursing Jurisprudence DNA Evidence and Medico-Legal Issues DNA Evidence Collection DNA Evidence Policy Considerations John Doe Cases Harnessing the Power of DNA Addressing the DNA Backlog Making a Case for DNA The Justice for All Act of 2004 Debbie's Smith's Story The Provisions of the Justice for All Act of 2004 The Rest of the Story The Beleaguered Forensic Laboratory Forensic Laboratories Partner With Forensic Nurses Issues of Consent and DNA Evidence Professional Issues: Forensic Nursing Education and Training The Current State of Healthcare Education and Training Forensic Nurses Speak Out on Their Education and Training Needs Core Competencies and a Core Curriculum for Forensic Nursing Opportunities for Education and Training Professional Issues: Forensic Nurses as Entrepreneurs The SANE The Legal Nurse Consultant The Educator The Future of Forensic Nursing


ISBN-13: 9781420002911
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: January, 2006
Pages: 664
Dimensions: 216.00 x 279.00 x 42.00