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Experiments in Personality: Volume 2 (Psychology Revivals)
Psychodiagnostics and Psychodynamics
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Main description:

Originally published in 1960, the two volumes of Experiments in Personality report a number of experiments in psychogenetics, psychopharmacology, psychodiagnostics, psychometrics and psychodynamics, all of which formed part of the programme of research which had been developing from the late 1940s at the Maudsley Hospital. Presenting the studies together in a book, rather than the more usual route of journal articles, was itself felt to be an experiment at the time, especially given the wide area covered. The decision was deliberate because all the studies reported formed part of a larger whole, which would have been lost if published separately. Volume II looks at psychodiagnostics, psychodynamics and psychometrics.


Part One: Experiments in Psychodiagnostics 1 R.W. Payne and J.H.G. Hewlett Thought disorder in psychotic patients Part Two: Experiments in Psychodynamics 2 Gordon Claridge The excitation-inhibition balance in neurotics The excitation-inhibition balance in normals 3 R.A. Willett Measures of learning and conditioning 4 H.C. Holland Measures of perceptual functions 5 H.J. Eysenck A factor analysis of selected tests Part Three: Experiments in Psychometrics 6 P. Slater Factor analysis and some allied procedures 7 P. Slater Canonical analysis of discriminance 8 P. Slater Re-examination of some data collected by Hildebrand H.J. Eysenck Epilogue: The place of theory in psychology Bibliography and Author index Subject index


ISBN-13: 9781135014124
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: May, 2013
Pages: 346

Subcategories: Psychology