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Ethics, Law and Society
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This is the fourth volume in a series exploring key issues in ethics, law and society, published in association with the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society. This work presents a selection of papers and commentaries on topics in Agriculture and Food, Bioethics, and Ethics and Society. Multidisciplinary in approach, the book provides a valuable resource for all those concerned with contemporary ethical issues.


Introduction, Soren Holm, Jennifer Gunning and Ian Kenway; Part I Ethical Issues in Agriculture and Food: Modern farming practices and animal welfare, Joyce D'Silva; Animal integrity in the modern farming world, Kate Millar and David Morton; CAP reform: effects on agriculture and environment, Franz Sinabell and Erwin Schmid; The ethics of animal cloning, Peter Sandoe, Mickey Gjerris and Christian Gamborg; European food regulation and accountability: the interplay of influences shaping the new regulatory terrain, Samarthia Thankappan; Globalization and sustainability in agriculture: role of law and ethics, John Hodges; Production economics, markets and assurance programmes for farm animal welfare, Michael Appleby.; Part II Bioethics: Puzzle-solving for fun and profit: the abusive potential of non-genetic health data in epidemiological biobanks, Anne Maria Skikerud and Jon Grov; The ethical topogaphy of research biobanking, Jan Reinert Karlsen and Roger Strand; Fuzzy law encountering life, death and morality, Reidar Pedersen and Reidun Forde; Bioethics, biopower and the post-genomic challenge, Kjetil Rommertveit; What's wrong with genetic inequality?, Claudio Tamburrini; Ethical issues in genetics, Margit Sutrop and Kadri Simm; Challenging science: public views of personalized medicine, Elisa Pieri; Therapeutical cloning and the protection of embryonic life: different approaches, different levels of protection - a view from the United Kingdom, Soren Holm; Patient responsibility and informed consent, Jiri Simek, Lenka Zamykalova, Marie Mesanyova and Eva Krizova.; Part III Ethics and Society: America and the case for just war against Iraq, Christopher J. Dolan; Children in conflict: can the real child soldier please stand up?, Helen Brocklehurst; Ethical issues in youth justice, Rob Allen; Reproductive technologies and the question of the child's future freedom, Erik Malmqvist; Ethics, pediatric doping and the limits of Gillick consent, Michael McNamee; Law and the protection of e-consumers, Jane Winn; Missing link? The problems of justifying claims of state responsibility to irregular migrants from human rights, Marit Hovdal Moan; Women workers in the global economy: a feminist critique of the core labour standards, Juanita Elias and Hayley Stevenson; Allocating health care resources: the role of personal responsibility, Alena Michaela Buyx; Responsibilities of health professionals in crisis situations, Michael Igoumenidis.; Part IV Commentaries: case commentary: Evans v. the United Kingdom, Natasha Hammond; The incident of the container ship MSC Napoli: is it an intractable problem?, Ho Sam Bang; The (not so) great escape: the legal and moral responsibility for the Foot and Mouth outbreak 2007, Robert G. Lee; Ethics and the advent of the Holy Grail of stem cell research, Soren Holm; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781351567756
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited
Publication date: March, 2009
Pages: 400

Subcategories: General Issues