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Ethical Maturity in the Helping Professions
Making Difficult Life and Work Decisions
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Main description:

How do we, as humans, arrive at what we call morally or ethically good or bad decisions? What processes are involved in making ethical decisions? Is there a developmental process involved in moving towards ethical maturity? What do insights from education, psychology, business studies, neuroscience, biology, primatology and other professions tell us about ethical processes?


Acknowledgements.; Foreword by Professor Tim Bond.; Preface.; Introduction.; Overview of the book.; Part One. The Foundations of Ethical Maturity: History, Philosophy and Science.; 1. Setting the Scene: The moral landscape; 2. Ethical maturity and unethical behaviour.; 3. A very, very short story of ethics.; 4. Socrates and Aristotle: Moral character and moral action.; 5. The brain and ethics.; 6. Relational ethics; 7. What is ethical maturity?; Part Two. The Six components of ethical maturity.; 8. Component 1: Creating ethical ethical sensitivity and mindfulness.; 9. Component 2: The process of ethical decision making.; 10. Component 2: Maximising choices: Free will, accountability and responsibility.; 11. Component 2: Conscious ethical discernment and decision making.; 12. Component 2: The influence of the unconscious on ethical decision making.; 13. Component 3: Implementing ethical decisions.; 14. Component 4: Ethical accountability and moral defence.; 15. Component 5: Ethical sustainability and peace.; 16. Component 6: Learning from experience and integrating new learning into moral character.; 17. Training in ethical maturity.; Part Three. Applied ethical maturity in challenging contexts.; 18. Organisations, contexts, ethics and maturity.; 19. Bought and sold: The ethics of gifts.; 20. The ethics of research: Enhancing knowledge and being ethically mature by Professor Tim Bond.; 21. And finally... References.


ISBN-13: 2370004796079
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Publication date: December, 2012
Pages: 380

Subcategories: Psychotherapy