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Engineering 3D Tissue Test Systems
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Main description:

Engineering 3D Tissue Test Systems provides an introduction to, and unique coverage of, a rapidly evolving area in biomaterials engineering. It reveals the current and future research responses, the current and future diagnostic applications, and provides a comprehensive overview to foster innovation. It offers insight into the importance of 3D systems and their use as benchtop models, spanning applications from basic scientific research to clinical diagnostics. Methods and limitations of building 3D tissue structures are evaluated, with attention given to the cellular, polymeric, and fabrication instrumentation components. The book covers the important aspects of polymeric tissue test systems, highlighting the needs and constraints of the industry, and includes a chapter on regulatory and pricing issues.


Chapter 1 Introduction to 3D Test Systems
Section Iâ Biofabrication Considerations
Chapter 2 Biofabrication
Chapter 3 Bioreactor Instrumentation and Control for 3D Cellular and
Tissue Systems
Chapter 4 Control of 3D Environment: Redesign of the Flow Loop
Bioreactor to Control Mitral Valve Regurgitation
Chapter 5 Nipple and Breast Construction: In Vitro and In Vivo Assessment
Chapter 6 3D Cancer Spheroid Biofabrication Using Thermal Inkjet-Based
Bioprinting for Rapid Screening
Section IIâ Materials Considerations
Chapter 7 Control Testing and Effect of Manufacturing Parameters on
the Biocompatibility of Polypropylene Mesh Implants
Chapter 8 Scaffolds for 3D Model Systems in Bone Regenerative
Chapter 9 Engineered Composites for 3D Mammary Tissue Systems
Chapter 10 Mineralized 3D Culture Systems for Studying Bone Metastatic
Breast Cancer
Chapter 11 Design Considerations for 3D Cardiovascular Tissue Scaffolds
Section IIIâ Biological Considerations
Chapter 12 Pro- and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokine Signaling within 3D
Tissue Models
Chapter 13 Cell-Cell Communications through Gap Junctions and Cancer
in 3D Systems
Chapter 14 Advances in Breast Stem Cell Knowledge through 3D Systems
Chapter 15 Shape Matters: Understanding the Breast through 3D
Tissue Culture Models
Chapter 16 Cells and Tissue Structures in Cardiovascular 3D Tissue Systems
Chapter 17 Signaling and Architectural Cues Necessary for 3D Diabetic
Tissue Models
Chapter 18 Optimizing 3D Models of Engineered Skeletal Muscle
Chapter 19 Recapitulating the Microenvironment of Glioblastoma
Multiforme Using 3D Tissue Culture Models
Section IV Business Considerations
Chapter 20 Bringing Regenerative Medicine to Patients: The Coverage,
Coding, and Reimbursement Processes


ISBN-13: 9781351644549
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)
Publication date: July, 2017
Pages: 430

Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, General Issues