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Education in Palliative Care: Building a Culture of Learning
Building a Culture of Learning
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Main description:

Despite the fact that most palliative care educators are involved in teaching, there is little literature devoted to education specifically within palliative care. This book bridges that gap, giving a wide-ranging, global view of palliative care education. It offers theoretical and practical insights, along with specific suggestions for developing knowledge and skills for teaching. It also contains extensive accounts of important contextual matters which influence the range and
quality of palliative care education, including: interprofessional learning; continuing professional development; evaluation; and educational leadership. The development of palliative care as a clinical speciality is increasingly conducted at an international level, and a special feature of this book
is the inclusion of chapters reviewing palliative care education in each continent. This enables practitioners and teachers to share knowledge across diverse healthcare systems and cultures. There is also an acknowledgement of the multi-professional team involved in palliative care, as education and training are looked at from the perspectives of doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals.

The book is split into three distinct parts:
Part 1 - sets the scene for existing palliative care education, both in the UK and internationally.
Part 2 - focuses on the theory underpinning each aspect of teaching, learning and assessment, and then examines the practicalities of delivering these in the clinical setting.
Part 3 - explores ways of building and nurturing a culture of learning in palliative care, whether as an individual or as an organization.


ISBN-13: 9780191566998
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP Oxford)
Publication date: February, 2007
Pages: 378
Dimensions: 170.00 x 240.00 x 20.00

Subcategories: Nursing, Palliative Medicine