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Eccentric Exercise
Muscle Physiology in Sport, Rehabilitation and Health
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Main description:

Eccentric muscle contraction, during which a muscle lengthens while under tension, is a fundamental process of human movement but a surprisingly under-researched area of exercise science. Evidence suggests that training programmes which incorporate both eccentric and concentric contractions can result in greater strength gains than concentric contractions alone, and this clearly has important implications for training and rehabilitation in sport and health. In Eccentric Exercise, leading international sport scientist Hans Hoppeler introduces the fundamental physiology and pathophysiology of eccentric muscle work, and explores the key applications of eccentric exercise in sport, rehabilitation and health. The book examines the molecular mechanisms responsible for tissue and organismic adaptations and discusses eccentric muscle-related pathology, specifically delayed onset muscle soreness.
It assesses the use of eccentric exercise training in the treatment of certain disease states such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart insufficiency and sarcopenia, while a concluding chapter points to open research questions, shows the limits of the available data and highlights problems with current exercise modalities. This book is important reading for all sport and exercise scientists, clinicians working in rehabilitation, and high-level strength and conditioning coaches and trainers.


1. Muscle structure and function 2. Modes of muscle contraction 3. Eccentric exercise related muscle damage 4. Eccentric exercise in strength training 5. Chronic eccentric exercise 6. Eccentric exercise training in competitive alpine skiing 7. Eccentric exercise in orthopaedic rehabilitation 8. Eccentric exercise in COPD and heart insufficiency 9. Eccentric exercise in sarcopenia 10. Rationale for and limits to eccentric exercise


ISBN-13: 9781136586941
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: October, 2013
Pages: 232