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Diagnosis: Schizophrenia
A Comprehensive Resource for Consumers, Families, and Helping Professionals
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Main description:

In this book, thirty-five young, recently diagnosed patients speak about schizophrenia and the process of recovery, while two specialists illuminate the medical science, psychoeducation, and therapeutic needs of those coping with the illness, as well as access to medical benefits and community resources. A remarkably inclusive guide, the volume informs patients, families, friends, and professionals, detailing the possible causes of schizophrenia, medications and side effects, the functioning of the brain, and the value of rehabilitation and other services. In their dialogues, participants confront shame, stigma, substance use, and relapse issues and the necessity of healthy eating, safe sex practices, and coping skills during recovery. Clinicians elaborate on the symptoms of schizophrenia, such as violent and suicidal thoughts, delusions, hallucinations, memory and concentration problems, trouble getting motivated or organized, and anxiety and mood disorders. Adopting an uplifting tone of manageability, the participants, authors, and clinicians of this volume offer more than adviceƂ they prescribe hope.


Foreword to the Second EditionForewordIntroductory NoteA Note on the TitleAcknowledgmentsAbout the AuthorsUsing This BookIntroduction: So They Say We Have Schizophrenia1. In the Beginning2. So Many Questions: The Quick Reference Guide3. How the Brain Works4. What Is Schizophrenia?5. Why Me?6. Diagnosing Schizophrenia7. What Will People Think of Me Now?8. Medication9. Out of the Hospital and Staying Well10. Coping with Positive and Negative Symptoms11. Coping with Other Symptoms and Side Effects12. Drugs, Alcohol, and Safer Sex13. Under the Microscope14. Zelda's Story15.Who Am I Now? 16. Getting the Social Services You Need17.Vocational RehabilitationAppendix 1. Client Assistance Program DirectoryAppendix 2. Vocational Rehabilitation DirectoryAppendix 3. Other ResourcesIndex


ISBN-13: 9780231521024
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Publication date: November, 2010
Pages: 240

Subcategories: Psychiatry