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Development of Scientific Marketing in the Twentieth Century
Research for Sales in the Pharmaceutical Industry
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Main description:

The global pharmaceutical industry is currently estimated to be worth $1 trillion. Contributors chart the rise of scientific marketing within the industry from 1920-1980. This is the first comprehensive study into pharmaceutical marketing, demonstrating that many new techniques were actually developed in Europe before being exported to America.


Introduction - Jean-Paul Gaudilliere and Ulrike Thoms Part I: Marketing Research and Innovation 1 Beyond Innovation: The Marketing of 'Old' Drugs - Nils Kessel 2 Innovation, Life Cycles and Cybernetics in Marketing: Theoretical Concepts in the Scientific Marketing of Drugs and their Consequences - Ulrike Thoms 3 Marketing Epidemics: When Antibiotics Promotion Stimulates Resistant Bacteria - Quentin Ravelli Part II: Marketing Tools and Visual Practices 4 Ads, Ads, Ads: The Gephama Database and its Uses - Stephan Felder, Jean-Paul Gaudilliere and Ulrike Thoms 5 Marketing Film: Audiovisuals as Scientific Marketing and Medical Training in Psychiatry: The Example of Sandoz in the 1960s - Christian Bonah 6 Images, Visualization and the Practices of Scientific Marketing in Post-war France - Anne-Sophie Mazas 7 A Balancing Act: Anti-diabetic Products and Diabetic Markets in Germany and France - Tricia Close-Koenig and Ulrike Thoms 8 Standardization in French and Western German Marketing of Oral Contraceptives: Reducing Variability, Producing Variation in Drugs and Women (1961-2006) - Lisa Malich Part III: In-House Biomedical Research and Marketing 9 Marketing Loops: Clinical Research, Antidepressants Consumption and the Reorganization of Promotion at Geigy in the 1960s-70s - Jean-Paul Gaudilliere 10 Marketing Loops: The Development of Psychopharmacological Screening at Geigy, 1957-70 - Lucie Gerber Index


ISBN-13: 9781781448014
Publisher: Pickering & Chatto (Publishers) Ltd
Publication date: March, 2015
Pages: 256