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Depleted Uranium
Properties, Uses, and Health Consequences
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Main description:

A compilation of published scientific information, including human, animal, cellular, and theoretical studies, Depleted Uranium: Properties, Uses and Health Consequences provides the most current and comprehensive collection of information on depleted uranium health hazards. The editor and her international panel of contributors are clinical and basic researchers at the forefront of toxicology, carcinogenesis, and human epidemiology. They review key findings on DU biological and health effects and comprehensively describe the research progress made during the last 11 years. The book's coverage ranges from cellular malignant transformation and carcinogenesis to animal toxicity and neurotoxicity, and concludes with human medical surveillance studies, uranium measurement methodologies, risk modeling, and environmental modeling. The chapters provide information on cellular and animal studies, in vivo carcinogenesis, risk modeling, uranium measurement methodologies, medical surveillance programs, and environmental monitoring.
Focusing on current, peer-reviewed data, this volume is the only available compilation book on the current understanding of the potential health hazards of depleted uranium exposure.


Depleted Uranium Biological Effects: Introduction and Early in vitro and in vivo Studies, D. McClain, PhD and A.C. Miller, PhD Characteristics, Biokinetics And Biological Effects Of Depleted Uranium Used In Weapons And The French Nuclear Industry, V. Chazel, PhD, P. Houpert, PhD. F. Paquet, PhD Carcinogenesis of Depleted Uranium: Studies in Animals, F.F. Hahn, DVM, PhD Neurotoxicology of Depleted Uranium in Adult and Developing Rodents, W. Briner, PhD Colorimetric Determination of Uranium, J.F. Kalinich, PhD and D.E. McClain, PhD Chemical And Histological Assessment Of Depleted Uranium In Tissues And Biological, T.I. Todorov, J.W. Ejnik, F.G. Mullick, and J.A. Centeno DU Exposure and Surveillance of Related Health Effects in U.S. Soldiers, K.S. Squibb, PhD and M.A. McDiarmid, MD, MPH Health Hazards Of Depleted Uranium Munitions: Estimates Of Exposures And Risks In The Gulf War, The Balkans And Iraq, B.G. Spratt, PhD Canadian Forces Uranium Testing Program, E.A. Ough, PhD Biokinetics of Embedded DU, R. Leggett, PhD Application of ICRP Biokinetic Models To Depleted Uranium, M.R Bailey and A.W. Phipps The "Depleted Uranium" And Radiological Hazard During Operations In Kosovo, P. Gerasimo, PhD, P. Laroche, and G. Romet, MD United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP): Results based on the three DU Assessments in the Balkans and the joint IAEA/UNEP Mission to Kuwait, M. Burger, PhD and H. Slotte, PhD


ISBN-13: 9781420004564
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Publication date: December, 2006
Pages: 288