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Consumer Health Informatics
New Services, Roles, and Responsibilities
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Main description:

This book offers demographic analysis, client appraisal, trial design, etc along with many examples to inform the conception and critical evaluation of consumer health informatics services. Patient safety, legal and ethical appraisal, and business models add to the systematic coverage. Regarding longevity and increase of chronic diseases traditional medical care faces tremendous financial and human resource problems. Is self-service medicine as follow up of traditional care or as an approach in its own right the answer? Are internet and app stores the place where self service medicine takes place? The book distinguishes stages of such an endeavour.


​Covers the topics in consumer health informatics in a systematic fashion

Takes a didactic stance from the beginning

Conveys a comprehensive perspective to students of health informatics​

Back cover:

This book reveals health informatics as it applies to the interaction between medicine and patient. It defines the subject and provides a comprehensive discussion of the factors at play.

Consumer Health Informatics represents the most current review of the field. The authors have written a principled account of the subject, discussing opportunities and risks, methods for safety, effectiveness, human comprehension and literacy, and have identified examples underlining the central arguments and illustrating the methods.

“At a time when healthcare worldwide is facing the stress of an aging population and rising costs, many are turning to consumers with the hope that if they can be empowered and engaged in their own care, good outcomes will result. Dr Wetter’s book provides a roadmap for all who believe that technology will play an important role in this redesign of healthcare. This book is both ambitious in scope yet comprehensive and a must read for all who want to practice or understand how our citizens could use information and communication technology to improve their health and the health of their families.” Charles Safran

“Engaging with the consumer to partner with them on their health journey is no longer just a noble idea for health professionals –  it is a pragmatic necessity. Technology, when well designed, can make that partnership a powerful and effective one. This book provides a definitive, up to date and rigorous overview of this import

ant, but still emerging field of consumer health informatics.” Enrico Coiera


Character of Consumer Health Informatics.- Economy 1: Demographics and health workforce.- Hazards in search of health information.- ICT enhanced services.- Virtual providers.- Patient wisdom leveraged.- Mobile apps.- Patient safety 1.- Metabolic syndrome.- Potential of basic SMS and IVR technology.- Smart homes.- Patient safety 2.- Privacy and data protection.- Patient-centered records and portals.- Clinical trial methodology.- Economy 2: Sustainability and scalability.- Law and ethics.


ISBN-13: 9783319195902
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing)
Publication date: August, 2015
Pages: 480

Subcategories: General Issues, General Practice