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Computational Intelligence in Biomedical Engineering
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In recent years, there has been an explosion of interest in computational intelligence (CI) techniques as evidenced by numerous applications in various fields. Biomedical research and applications have benefited enormously as a result of applications of such tools and techniques. Most such scientific literature concerning the application of CI for modeling and pattern recognition are scattered around the world in different journals and conference proceedings. "Computational Intelligence in Bioengineering" provides a comprehensive account of the recent research efforts in this emerging area. It brings together cutting-edge research and applications of computational intelligence in a single volume.


Introduction Biomedical Systems Bioelectric Signals and Electrode Theory Signal Processing and Feature Extraction Computational Intelligence Techniques Chapter Overview Book Usage Biomedical Signal Processing Signals and Signal Systems Signal Transforms Spectral Analysis and Estimation Analog Filters Digital Filters Adaptive Filters Computational Intelligence Techniques Computational Intelligence: A Fusion of Paradigms Artificial Neural Networks Support Vector Machines Hidden Markov Models Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic Hybrid Systems Computational Intelligence in Cardiology and Heart Disease Diagnosis The Human Heart The ECG Waveform The Electrocardiogram Cardiovascular Diseases ECG Feature Extraction Methods Computational Intelligence for Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases Computational Intelligence in Analysis of Electromyography Signals The Human Muscle Physiology Neuromuscular Disorders The Electromyograph Electromyograph Signal-Processing Methods Classification of Neuromuscular Disease Prostheses and Orthotics Computational Intelligence in Electroencephalogram Analysis Computational Intelligence in EEG Analysis Brain-Computer Interfaces Computational Intelligence in Gait and Movement Pattern Analysis Gait Measurement and Analysis Techniques Gait in Various Populations CI Techniques in Gait Analysis Summary and Future Trends Overview of Progress Future Challenges and Research Areas Emerging and Future Technologies in Healthcare Index


ISBN-13: 9781420005899
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: December, 2007
Pages: 392