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Common Presenting Issues in Psychotherapeutic Practice
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Main description:

Learning how to work effectively with a broad range of clients and their presenting issues is a vital part of a career as a therapist, but engaging with the often conflicting worlds of descriptive psychopathology and the subjective meanings of the therapist and client is a real challenge for trainees. They have to develop the skills and knowledge that allow both approaches - one medical, one humanistic - to work successfully together.

With the support of expert contributors, Pam James and Barbara Douglas help your students to confidently do just that, proving a comprehensive introduction to the theory, research and practice behind a range of common presenting issues. Key issues covered include:

- Anxiety
- Depression
- Trauma
- Bipolar disorder
- Psychosis
- Eating disorders
- Borderline personality disorder

This book should be on the desk of every counselling, psychotherapy and counselling psychology trainee, and is recommended reading for other practitioners of health and social care working with these common presenting issues.


Foreword - Professor Ray WoolfeIntroduction (with Carol Lund) - With a contribution from Dr Carole LundExploring anxiety (with Mary Reid) - With a contribution from Dr Mary ReidExploring depression (with Dee Danchev) - With a contribution from Dr Dee DanchevExploring trauma and post traumatic stress (with Tony Parnell) - With a contribution from Anthony ParnellExploring psychosis (with Hamilton Fairfax) - With a contribution from Hamilton FairfaxExploring bipolar (with Roly Fletcher) - With a contribution from Dr Mabel MartinelliExploring the borderline (with Clare John and Nicola Gale) - With a contribution from Nicola Gale and Dr Claire JohnExploring eating disorders (with Amanda Hall) - With a contribution from Amanda HallConclusion (with Sheelagh Strawbridge) - With a contribution from Sheelagh Strawbridge


ISBN-13: 9781446296707
Publisher: Sage Publications Limited (SAGE Publications Ltd)
Publication date: December, 2013
Pages: 200

Subcategories: Psychotherapy