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Coming Out and Disclosures
LGBT Persons Across the Life Span
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Main description:

LGBT persons face multiple challenges when entering the coming out process, regardless of their age or place in society. Coming Out and Disclosures: LGBT Persons Across the Life Span is a comprehensive guide to the coming out process for LGBT individuals, how to prepare for disclosure, and how disclosure is received in various groups. The book examines sexual orientation and identities; developmental models of coming out; disclosure in adolescence, midlife, or later; coming out to parents and family members; and disclosure outside the family. The book also provides practitioners with guidelines for working with clients who want to make disclosures. Coming Out and Disclosures: LGBT Persons Across the Life Span brings together into a single source the latest research and current thought on the experiences of LGBT persons in a heterosexist society. This resource, which is also useful as a supplemental textbook, can be used as a guide to practice for professionals and can be used for in-service training and workshops. This invaluable book has an extensive bibliography.
Topics in Coming Out and Disclosures: LGBT Persons Across the Life Span include the meaning of sexual identity across various populations, an overview of coming out in the heterosexist world, detailed analysis of the coming out process, examination of the coming out process at different ages, an overview of disclosures in the heterosexist world, detailed analysis of disclosures to parents and family members across various cultures, suggested interventions based on coming out models, special issues experienced in coming out, strategies to facilitate disclosures, and more. Coming Out and Disclosures: LGBT Persons Across the Life Span is an essential guide for any LGBT individual preparing to enter the coming out process, and practitioners in the helping professions, such as social work, counseling, and mental health.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. PART I: FIGURING OUT WHO ONE IS AND COMING OUT. Chapter 1. Sexual Orientation and Sexual Identity. Chapter 2. Coming Out: Overview. Chapter 3. Critique of Coming-Out Models. Chapter 4. Coming Out Across the Life Span. PART II: DISCLOSURES ACROSS THE LIFE SPAN. Chapter 5. Disclosures: Overview. Chapter 6. Disclosures to Parents. Chapter 7. Disclosures to Others Inside and Outside the Family. PART III: PRACTICE WITH CLIENTS WHO ARE COMING OUT AND MAKING DISCLOSURES. Chapter 8. Chapter 9. Chapter 10. References. Index.


ISBN-13: 9781136795008
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge Member of the Taylor and Francis Group)
Publication date: August, 2007
Pages: 236
Dimensions: 173.00 x 226.00 x 22.00