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Collected Papers of Emmanuel Ghent
Heart Melts Forward
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Main description:

This book brings together an engaging study, using Emmanuel Ghent's collected papers, of theoretical and personal origins of the relational turn in psychoanalysis. Emmanuel Ghent was one of the founders of relational psychoanalysis, and his ideas have been hugely influential. However, he published sparingly and his papers are scattered across a range of sources. In this book, his key writings are reproduced, along with analyses and critiques by major contemporary psychoanalytic figures such as Adam Phillips, Jessica Benjamin, Lew Aron, Adrienne Harris and Jody Davies. This book provides a thorough examination of the key tenets of Ghent's thinking and the continued importance of his theoretical and clinical work for the next generation of psychoanalysts.


Introduction Victoria Demos and Adrienne Harris Part One: Core Papers and Commentaries * Emmanuel Ghent and the Origins of Relational Psychoanalysis Anthony Bass Credo - The Dialectics of One-Person and Two-Person Psychologies (1989) EMMANUEL GHENT * Surrender and Self-Discovery: Ghent's Reflections on the "Force of Growth" and What Impedes It JESSICA BENJAMIN Masochism, Submission, Surrender-Masochism as a Perversion of Surrender (1990) EMMANUEL GHENT * Medicine Man(nie): Commentary on Emmanuel Ghent's "Paradox and Process" MURIEL DIMEN Paradox and Process (1992) EMMANUEL GHENT * Introduction to E. Ghent, "Interaction in the Psychoanalytic Situation" C. SETH WARREN Interaction in the Psychoanalytic Situation (1995) EMMANUEL GHENT * The Butterfly in the Consulting Room BARRY MAGID Wish, Need, Drive: Motive in the Light of Dynamic Systems Theory and Edelman's Selectionist Theory (2002) EMMANUEL GHENT Part Two: Early Writings * Psyche and Eye (1950) EMMANUEL GHENT * Countertransference: Its Reflection in the Process of Peer-Group Supervision CHAIM F. SHATAN, BENJAMIN BRODY, EMMANUEL GHENT Part Three: In Ghent's Words * Relations: Introduction to the First IARPP Conference (2001) EMMANUEL GHENT * On Relational Psychoanalysis: An Interview with Dr. Emmanuel Ghent/Interviewer: Lewis Aron (2000) LEWIS ARON EMMANUEL GHENT Part Four: Reminiscences * A Fragment of an Analysis with Mannie Ghent RON BALAMUTH * Reminiscences of Mannie as a Clinical Supervisor LEWIS ARON * The Years with Ghent VICTORIA DEMOS * Impressions of Mannie JESSICA BENJAMIN * Heart Melts Forward: Emmanuel Ghent (1925-2003) ADRIENNE HARRIS Afterward On What We Need: A Celebration of the Work of Emmanuel Ghent Adam Phillips


ISBN-13: 9781317404774
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: July, 2017
Pages: 336

Subcategories: Psychotherapy