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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Preventing Suicide Attempts
A Guide to Brief Treatments Across Clinical Settings
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Main description:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Preventing Suicide Attempts consolidates the accumulated knowledge and efforts of leading suicide researchers, and describes how a common, cognitive behavioral model of suicide has resulted in 50% or greater reductions in suicide attempts across clinical settings. Simple and straightforward descriptions of these techniques are provided, along with clear explanations of the interventions' rationale and scientific support. Critically, specific adaptations of these interventions designed to meet the demands and needs of diverse settings and populations are explained. The result is a practical, clinician-friendly, how-to guide that demonstrates how to effectively reduce the risk for suicide attempts in any setting.


Introduction Craig J. Bryan Section I: Understanding Suicide 1. The Problem of Suicide Michael D. Anestis and Lauren R. Khazem 2. The Language of Suicide Bridget B. Matarazzo, Beeta Y. Homaifar, Samantha A. Farro, and Lisa A. Brenner 3. What We Know and Don't Know About Treating Suicide Risk Ann Marie Hernandez Section II: The Cognitive Behavioral Model of Suicide 4. A Cognitive Behavioral Model of Suicide Risk Tracy A. Clemans 5. Cognitive Therapy for Suicide Prevention: An Illustrative Case Example Kelly L. Green and Gregory K. Brown Section III: Suicide Prevention in Different Settings 6. Treating Risk for Self-Directed Violence in Inpatient Settings Marjan Ghahramanlou-Holloway, Laura L. Neely, and Jennifer Tucker 7. Preventing Suicide Attempts in Military Settings Craig J. Bryan and M. David Rudd 8. Treating Suicide Risk in Emergency Departments Emily Biggs, Cemile Ceren Sonmez, and Barbara Stanley 9. Treating Self-Directed Violence in Primary-Care Settings Craig J. Bryan and Peter C. Britton Section IV: Special Issues Special Issues with Treating Suicidal Patients Craig J. Bryan


ISBN-13: 9781135088279
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: February, 2015
Pages: 224