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Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents
A Practitioner's Handbook
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Main description:

This book highlights assessment techniques, issues, and procedures that appeal to practicing clinicians. Rather than a comprehensive handbook of various tests and measures, The Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents is a practitioner-friendly text that provides guidance for test selection, interpretation, and application. With topics ranging from personality assessment to behavioral assessment to the assessment of depression and thought disorder, the leaders in the field of child and adolescent measurement outline selection and interpretation of measures in a manner that is most relevant to clinicians and graduate students. Each chapter makes use of extensive case material in order to highlight issues of applicability.


Contents: Smith, Handler, The Clinical Practice of Child and Adolescent Assessment. Part I: Issues and Concepts in Child and Adolescent Assessment. Yalof, Abraham, Personality Assessment in Schools. Smith, Integrating Neuropsychology and Personality Assessment With Children and Adolescents. Handler, The Use of Therapeutic Assessment With Children and Adolescents. Braaten, Personality Assessment Feedback With Parents. Part II: Assessment Techniques. Russ, Pearson, Sacha, Play Assessment. Cook, The Round-Robin Family Assessment With Social Relations Model Analysis. Miller, Leffard, Behavioral Assessment. Erdberg, Rorschach With Children. Tibon, Rothchild, Rorschach Case Formulation in Adolescents: A Psychoanalytic Perspective on the Comprehensive System. Kelly, The Clinical Application of the Social Cognition and Object Relations Scale (SCORS-R) With Children and Adolescents. Cashel, Killilea, Dollinger, Interpretation of Storytelling in the Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents. Matto, Drawings in Clinical Assessment of Children and Adolescents. Clemence, Use of the Hand Test With Children and Adolescents. Archer, Krishnamurthy, Stredny, The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Adolescent (MMPI-A). Tringone, Millon, Kamp, Clinical Utility of Two Child-Oriented Inventories: The Millon Pre-Adolescent Clinical Inventory(t) and the Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory(t). Lachar, Personality Inventory for Children, Second Edition (PIC-2), Personality Inventory for Youth (PIY), and Student Behavior Survey (SBS). Kamphaus, Brueggemann, Barry, VanDeventer, Behavior Assessment System for Children - Second Edition (BASC-2). Achenbach, Applications of the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment (ASEBA) to Children, Adolescents, and Their Parents. Part III: Specific Syndromes, Issues, and Problem Areas. Huebner, Gilman, Suldo, Assessing Perceived Quality of Life in Children and Youth. Reddy, De Thomas, Assessment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder With Children. Loving, Delinquency and Aggression. Stokes, Pogge, Assessment of Thinking Problems in Children. Price, Comprehensive Assessment of Youth Exposure to Trauma and Its Myriad Consequences. Tuber, Harris, Meehan, Reynoso, Ueng-McHale, Rorschach Configurations of Children With ADHD. Kearney, Bensaheb, Assessing Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents. Semrud-Clikeman, Fine, Butcher, The Assessment of Depression in Children and Adolescents. Part IV: Special Populations. Streisand, Michaelidis, Assessment in Pediatric Health. Lincoln, Hanzel, Quirmbach, Assessing Intellectual Abilities in Persons With Autism and Related Disorders. Leong, Levy, Johnson, Gee, Clinical Assessment of Ethnic Minority Children and Adolescents. Sivec, Waehler, Masterson, Pearson, Hearing the Silent Need: Assessing Children Who Have a Parent With a Serious Mental Illness.


ISBN-13: 9781317855989
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc
Publication date: September, 2006
Pages: 648
Dimensions: 178.00 x 254.00 x 31.00