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Child Trauma Handbook
A Guide for Helping Trauma-Exposed Children and Adolescents
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Main description:

Originally published in 2005, the Child Trauma Handbook is a user-friendly manual that teaches a comprehensive, research-based, phase-model approach to trauma-informed treatment for children and adolescents. Both new and experienced clinicians will find clear explanations and tips for making the connection between child/adolescent behaviors and traumatic histories; they'll also learn practical skills for successful interventions. Each chapter and skillset is theory based and includes transcripts, case studies, exercises, and specific strategies for addressing problems.


Acknowledgments. Introduction Section I: Understanding Trauma - A Framework for Organizing Existing Skills 1. Understanding Trauma 2. The Structure of Trauma Treatment 3. The Trauma-Informed Therapeutic Relationship 4. Taking Care of Yourself Section II: Evaluation and Treatment Planning 5. The Initial Interview - From "Hello" Up to History 6. Taking a Trauma History 7. Trauma-Informed Case Formulation 8. Making a Treatment Contract Section III: Safety and Strength-Building 9. Case Management 10. Parent Training 11. Self-Control Skills Training 12. Getting Stronger Section IV: Trauma Resolution 13. Trauma Resolution Methods 14. Preparation for Exposure 15. Conducting an Exposure Session 16. Problem Solving in an Exposure Session Section V: Making the Most of It 17. Reevaluation and Consolidation of Gains 18. Relapse Prevention and Harm Reduction 19. Challenging Cases: Applying the Fairy Tale Model Section VI: 24/7 - Helping the Child in Daily Life 20. Creating a Safe Environment 21. Discipline Is Love 22. Using Incentives for Success 23. The Magic Words: Cognitive Interventions. Appendix A. Trauma-Informed Psychological Assessment. Appendix B. Child Trauma Resources Online. References. Index.


ISBN-13: 9781317390848
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: June, 2015
Pages: 356