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Care of the Person with Dementia
Interprofessional Practice and Education
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Main description:

Care of the Person with Dementia responds to the urgent need for health practitioners to take an innovative approach to the challenge of dementia. The first Australian text of its kind, it combines evidence-based resources with interprofessional education and practice, exploring the ethical, social and environmental repercussions of dementia to provide a comprehensive overview of dementia care in an Australian context. The text is structured around a model of interprofessional education and practice (IPE) tailored to dementia care. This model incorporates the context of care, an important element missing from other recognised models of IPE. Throughout the book, principles of IPE are explained within the context of dementia, drawing on exemplars from a body of current, well-researched and evaluated dementia practice. Written by experienced academics, and providing national and international perspectives, this is a unique and crucial resource to develop collaborative skills and professional knowledge in the management of dementia.


Introduction Heather Freegard, Dimity Pond and Dawn Forman; 1. The model of interprofessional practice and education - dementia Dawn Forman and Heather Freegard; 2. The journey of dementia Heather Freegard and Dimity Pond; 3. National and international perspectives: interprofessional education and collaborative practice Dawn Forman; 4. Evidence-based practice Sue Fyfe, Michael Annear and Lynn Philipson; 5. Leadership in interprofessional dementia care Dawn Forman and Dimity Pond; 6. Personal and professional knowledge Dawn Forman and Jade Cartwright; 7. Developing collaborative skills Dawn Forman and Janet McCray; 8. Person-and relationship-centred care in dementia Kreshnik Hoti and Jeffery Hughes; 9. Understanding ethics and dementia care Stephan Millett; 10. Environmental and social contexts Richard Fleming.


ISBN-13: 9781316441640
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: September, 2015
Pages: None