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Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Imaging
Physics and Technology
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Main description:

Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Imaging: Physics and Technology explains the underlying physical and technical principles behind a range of cardiovascular and neurovascular imaging modalities, including radiography, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Examining this interdisciplinary branch of medical imaging from academic, clinical, and industrial perspectives, this comprehensive book: * Covers each major imaging modality as well as special applications, time-resolved techniques, and image-guided therapies * Discusses image quality and accuracy, radiation safety and dosimetry, and image formation and analysis * Explores current and future trends in vascular imaging procedures and technologies Featuring chapters authored by field experts, Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Imaging: Physics and Technology combines the latest information on the physics and technology of cardiovascular and neurovascular imaging under one cover, providing students, professionals, and researchers with a single, state-of-the-art reference.


PHYSICAL BASIS AND CLINICAL INTRODUCTION Introduction to the Physics of Vascular Imaging Stephen Rudin and Carlo Cavedon Neurovascular Imaging: State of the Art and Clinical Challenges Alberto Beltramello and Giuseppe Kenneth Ricciardi Cardiovascular Imaging: State of the Art and Clinical Challenges Filippo Cademartiri, Cesare Mantini, and Erica Maffei PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY: PRINCIPAL APPLICATIONS Physics and Technology of X-Ray Angiography Stephen Rudin and Daniel R. Bednarek Physics and Technology of CT Angiography Michael D. Silver Physics and Technology of MR Angiography Octavia Bane, Parmede Vakil and Timothy J. Carroll Carotid Ultrasound Imaging: Physics, Technology, and Applications Kai Erik Thomenius Cardiovascular Imaging with Nuclear Medicine Techniques Piotr J. Slomka, Robert deKemp, and Guido Germano Morphological Imaging of the Heart George C. Kagadis, Stavros Spiliopoulos, Konstantinos Katsanos, Periklis Davlouros, and Dimitris Karnabatidis FOCUSED APPLICATIONS AND DEDICATED TECHNOLOGY: GEOMETRIES, SOURCES, DETECTORS, ADVANCED IMAGE RECONSTRUCTION, AND QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS Cone-Beam CT for Vascular Imaging Lei Zhu and Rebecca Fahrig Digital Techniques with a Nonstandard Beam Geometry Michael Van Lysel and Michael Speidel Dual-Energy and Multienergy Techniques in Vascular Imaging Adam S. Wang, Scott S. Hsieh, and Norbert J. Pelc Special Detectors for Digital Angiography, Microangiography, and Micro ROI CBCT Stephen Rudin, Amit Jain, and Daniel R. Bednarek Advanced Image Reconstruction in Cardiovascular Imaging Pascal Theriault-Lauzier and Guang-Hong Chen Assessment of Plaque Features in Atherosclerosis: Quantification of Coronary Calcium Robert C. Detrano and Sabee Molloi TIME-RESOLVED IMAGING Motion Control in Cardiovascular Imaging Michael Grass and Dirk Schafer Time-Resolved Neurovascular 2D X-Ray Imaging Ciprian N. Ionita Perfusion 3D Imaging in Cardiac and Neurologic Applications Arun Ganguly Flow Imaging with MRI J. Negahdar, Mo Kadbi, and Amir Amini Physics and Engineering Principles of Fluid Dynamics Giovanni Puppini and Gabriele Meliado Computational Fluid Dynamics: Current Techniques and Future Perspectives Juan R. Cebral IMAGE-GUIDED THERAPEUTIC PROCEDURES Vascular Imaging for Image-Guided Interventions Andrew Kuhls-Gilcrist Angiography for Radiosurgery and Radiation Therapy Carlo Cavedon and Joseph Stancanello DOSIMETRY AND RADIATION PROTECTION Dosimetric Techniques in Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Imaging Daniel R. Bednarek Patient Dose Control in Fluoroscopically Guided Interventions Daniel R. Bednarek Radiation Protection of Staff and Patients in Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Imaging Renato Padovani, Madan Rehani, Eliseo Vano, and Carlo Cavedon TRENDS Current and Future Trends Stephen Rudin


ISBN-13: 9781439890578
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: August, 2015
Pages: 544