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Building Professional Nursing Communication
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Main description:

Establishing and building effective relationships are essential skills for safe nursing practice. Building Professional Nursing Communication guides students through the concepts integral to successful communication for nurses. Each chapter addresses communication theory and clearly demonstrates how it can be applied both to university studies and to professional nursing practice. Learning is extended further through case studies, practical scenarios and student learning activities. The book also addresses recent developments in online learning, covering information literacy, digital learning and consultation, as well as emerging forms of digital communication such as e-portfolios, blogs and new media. This book brings together authors from nursing and communication backgrounds, combining extensive research and practical experience in both fields. This diverse team mirrors the interdisciplinary nature of the nursing role in the increasingly contemporary healthcare sector. Building Professional Nursing Communication is an essential resource for nursing students throughout their entire degree.


1. Communication in context: developing a professional identity Nicholas Ralph; 2. Communication theory and its applications in nursing and healthcare Eleanor Kiernan; 3. Building lifelong learning capacities and resilience in changing academic and health care contexts Jill Lawrence; 4. Communicating in academic and clinical contexts Steve Parker and Jill Lawrence; 5. Building transcultural skills for professional contexts Coralie Graham and Jill Lawrence; 6. Developing interpersonal capabilities for healthcare professionals Julie Martyn and Eleanor Kiernan; 7. Digital skills in healthcare practice Clint Moloney and Helen Farley; 8. Professional skills for nurses and other health professionals: contexts and capability of practice Cheryl Perrin, David Stanley and Melissa Taylor; 9. Contributing to evidence-based healthcare cultures through lifelong learning Craig Lockwood and Clint Moloney.


ISBN-13: 9781316383261
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: July, 2015
Pages: 256