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Brief Therapy and Beyond
Stories, Language, Love, Hope, and Time
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Main description:

Brief Therapy and Beyond is a collection of new and selected papers by prominent psychologist Michael Hoyt. Numerous clinical vignettes and fascinating discussions describe time-sensitive treatments to relieve psychological distress and/or promote growth. Drawing from an encyclopedic knowledge of the professional literature as well as humor, poetry, sports, and candid revelation, Hoyt illustrates the importance of stories, language, love, hope, and time in shaping worldviews that inspire and empower clients and clinicians to make effective and efficient changes.


Preface Acknowledgments Also by Michael F. Hoyt 1. "Patient" or "Client": What's in a Name? (1979) 2. "Shrink" or "Expander": An Issue in Forming a Therapeutic Alliance (1985) 3. On Time in Brief Therapy (1990) 4. A Golfer's Guide to Brief Therapy (with Footnotes for Baseball Fans) (1996) 5. Managed Care, HMOs, and Brief Therapy (1995) 6. Some Stories Are Better than Others: A Polyvocal Pastiche (2000) 7. A Single-Session Therapy Retold: Evolving and Restoried Understandings (2000) 8. The Last Session in Brief Therapy: Why and How to Say "When" (2000) 9. Early HMO Chart Note: Jesus of Nazareth (2001) 10. Connection: The Double-Edged Gift of Presence (2001) 11. Some Things I Have Learned from Friends and Clients about Empowerment and Rehabilitation (2001) 12. Road Trip (2003) 13. Toward a More Effective Brief Therapy (2003) 14. The Temporal Structure of Therapy: Key Questions Often Associated with Different Phases of Sessions and Treatments--Plus a Host of Helpful Hints (2006) 15. Everyday Constructivism (2008) 16. Dust to Dust (2009) 17. "Never Ever-I Love You!" (2011) 18. Psychology and My Gallbladder: An Insider's Account of a Single-Session Therapy (2011) 19. Wither Couple/Family Therapy? (2012, with Alan Gurman) 20. Single Session Therapy (SST): Stories, Structures, Themes, Cautions, and Prospects (2015) 21. Stepping into Retirement: A Postcard from the Threshold (2015) 22. Orca Strait (2016) References


ISBN-13: 9781351795180
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: August, 2017
Pages: 256

Subcategories: Psychotherapy