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Behavioral Health
Integrating Individual and Family Interventions in the Treatment of Medical Conditions
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Main description:

The emergence of behavioral health, how it is practiced, and how it will be practiced is at the heart of this book. Len Sperry, a prominent author and educator, is one of the first to describe and advocate for an approach to health care that can significantly increase the efficacy and efficiency of health care and reduce costs for patients with chronic medical conditions. He does so by addressing both core theoretical constructs and core practice competencies to help readers comfortably provide effective integrated psychosocial treatment to individuals and families. His book is split into three parts. The first provides an overview of the key family and personality dynamics and how medical conditions impact individual and family members throughout the family life cycle. Important considerations in this part include ethical and clinical issues, spiritual considerations, treatment non-compliance, motivational interviewing, and case conceptualization. Of particular importance is Dr. Sperry's description of four illness stages, which reflect patients' psychosocial adjustment to their chronic illnesses.
The second part consists of seven chapters dedicated to common medical conditions, followed by the last part that addresses integrated behavioral health competency and competency-based training. Behavioral health clinicians and trainees in various behavioral health specialties, including individual psychotherapists and family therapists, will find this practical book of interest and value to their work. No matter their experience, all readers will walk away from this book with the knowledge necessary to increase motivation, deal with non-compliance issues, and tailor therapeutic change, while increasing treatment efficacy and efficiency with their patients.


Foreword William O'Donohue Part 1: Integrated Behavioral Health: Basic Considerations 1. Integrated Behavioral Health: An Overview 2. Family Dynamics 3. Personality Dynamics 4. Illness Perceptions 5. Stages of Chronic Illness 6. Ethical Considerations 7. Spiritual Considerations 8. Compliance Considerations 9. Motivational Interviewing 10. Case Conceptualization 11. Culturally Sensitive Treatment 12. Strategic Therapy 13. Combined Treatment: Medication and Psychotherapy Part 2: Integrated Behavioral Health: Treatment of Common Medical Conditions 14. Arthritis 15. Asthma 16. Breast Cancer 17. Cardiac Disease 18. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 19. Diabetes 20. Systemic Lupus Erythematosis Part 3: Integrated Behavioral Health: Competence and Training 21. Competence 22. Competency-Based Training


ISBN-13: 9781136192982
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: September, 2013
Pages: 240