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Behavioral Aspects of Epilepsy
Principles and Practice
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Main description:

The field of epilepsy and behavior has grown considerably in the past number of years, reflecting advances in the laboratory and clinic. "Behavioral Aspects of Epilepsy: Principles and Practice" is the definitive text on epilepsy behavioral issues, from basic science to clinical applications, for all neurologists, psychosocial specialists, and researchers in the fields of epilepsy, neuroscience, and psychology/psychiatry.Behavioral aspects of epilepsy include a patient's experiences during seizures, his or her reaction during and between seizures, the frequency of episodes and what can be determined from the number of seizures. With contributions by dozens of leading international experts, this is the only book to cover all aspects of this critical emerging. Adult and pediatric patients, animal models, and epilepsy surgery and its effects are all covered in detail."Behavioral Aspects of Epilepsy" is the only source for up-to-date information on a topic that has significant and growing interest in the medical community.
This comprehensive, authoritative text has a "bench to bedside" approach that covers: the mechanisms underlying epilepsy and behavior; neurophysiologic function; neuropsychiatric and behavioral disorders in patients with epilepsy; the effects of treatments and surgery on behavior; pediatric and adolescent epilepsy; disorders associated with epilepsy that impact behavior; and much more.


ISBN-13: 9781934559888
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Publication date: November, 2007
Pages: 672
Dimensions: 224.00 x 280.00 x 23.00

Subcategories: Neurology