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Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adults
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Main description:

In this book a group of international experts guide the reader through the clinical features of adults with autism spectrum disorders, describe the care needs of patients and their families, explain the evolution of the disorders into old age, and highlight what can be done to help. Detailed attention is paid to the medical and psychiatric problems of adults with these disorders and the approach to their education and professional integration. In addition, expert neuroscientists summarize current views on the neurobiology of autism. Autism spectrum disorders are devastating neurodevelopmental disorders. Although diagnosis and therapeutic interventions usually take place in infancy, they are chronic lifelong conditions. Surprisingly, the literature on autism spectrum disorders in adults is scarce. Moreover, most mental health professionals working with adults have little training in autism, and adult mental health services around the world are rarely prepared to address the needs of these patients, which tend to increase with age. This book therefore fills a crucial gap in the literature and will prove useful for all who care for and deal with adults in the Autistic Spectrum.


* Autistic Spectrum Disorders: from Leo Kanner to DSM-V* The Neurobiology of Autistic Spectrum Disorders * The Neuropsychology of Autistic Spectrum Disorders* The low-functioning group: autism and related disorders in adults * The high-functioning group: Asperger's syndrome in adults* Autistic spectrum disorders in old age* Autistic spectrum disorders in women* Medical and psychiatric problems in adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders* Education and professional integration of adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders: a formidable challenge* Families with autistic adults, autistic adults with families* The institutional and community care of adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders* Sense and sensibility: forensic challenges in offenders with Autistic Spectrum Disorders * Novel pharmacological approaches to Autistic Spectrum Disorders


ISBN-13: 9783319427133
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: April, 2017
Pages: None

Subcategories: Counselling & Therapy, Psychiatry