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Atlas of Temporal Bone Surgery
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Main description:

Beautifully illustrated and comprehensive, this must-have atlas guides
readers through the delicate, high-risk surgical approaches they need to
successfully manage pathology of the temporal bone, the most complex anatomic
area in the human body.

Each consistently organized chapter addresses a
different technique, beginning with a clear definition of the approach followed
by a discussion of indications and key information on anatomic orientation,
surgical steps, and, in many cases, surgical anatomy. Clearly labeled,
full-color illustrations accompany step-by-step descriptions of common and
unique operative techniques. The author, a world-renowned otorhinolaryngologist,
provides detailed explanations of important anatomic landmarks and advice on how
to choose the appropriate instruments at each surgical stage.


  • More than 300 full-color photographs and diagrams that orient the
    reader to the clinical setting
  • Helpful pointers appear throughout the text to help readers hone their surgical skills
  • Definitions and tips are incorporated as footnotes in
    each chapter for quick and easy reference
  • A thought-provoking section presenting surgical techniques,
    instruments, and prostheses that were developed and designed by the author
  • Extensive glossary that contains the most frequently used
    terms in otology and neurotology

An ideal companion for use in both the dissection laboratory and the operating room, Atlas of Temporal Bone Surgery is an indispensable
one-stop reference for otologists, neurotologists, and any specialist involved in skull base surgery or otolaryngology.


ISBN-13: 9783131471710
Publisher: TPS
Publication date: June, 2010
Pages: 216

Subcategories: Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)