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Applying Lean in Healthcare
A Collection of International Case Studies
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Main description:

Typically entrenched and systemic, healthcare problems require the sort of comprehensive solutions that can only be addressed by a change in culture and a shift in thinking. "Applying Lean in Healthcare: A Collection of International Case Studies" demonstrates how honest appraisal, intelligent planning, and vigilant follow-up have led to dramatic improvements in a variety of healthcare settings across the world. It teaches us how innovative organizations can find sustainable solutions to seemingly intractable problems by following a path guided by Lean Thinking. Lean methods may not solve every healthcare problem, but as these cases prove, changing a culture rather than personnel results in more effective sustainable change.


Introduction to Lean Healthcare Making It Lean, Hilary Grey Providing Rapid Access to a Vascular Surgery Outpatient Clinic, Simon Dodds Reorganizing and Standardizing Supply Rooms across a Health System, Franciscan Health System A Quick-Start Lean Method to Cut the Clutter and Get Your Hospital Back into Shape, Kelley Williamson Applying Lean Thinking to the Outpatient Registration Process, Deborah Miller Establishing a Standardized and Efficient Client Laboratory Supplies Process, Christian Buchsteiner Improving Accommodation and Organizational Arrangements at an Outpatient Antenatal Clinic, Brendan Murphy Improving Wait Times at a Medical Oncology Unit, Carlos F. Pinto Minimizing the Time from "Cooking Pot to Patient", Judy-Ann Wybenga A Journey in Lean-Bringing about Change, Improving Quality for the Patient, and Developing the Culture of a Healthcare Organization, John Coleman and Tim Franklin Process Improvements to Reduce Operating Room Cancellations, Mimi Kokoska, Samuel B. Welch, and Teresa Stevens The Future for Lean Healthcare, Timothy D. Hill Glossary


ISBN-13: 9781439827406
Publisher: Productivity Press
Publication date: April, 2010
Pages: 247
Dimensions: 152.00 x 229.00 x 19.00