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Antioxidants in Health and Disease
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Main description:

Antioxidants in Health and Disease discusses the effects of dietary antioxidants and antioxidant supplementation in humans. It reviews the latest evidence-based research in the area, principally through prospective cohort studies and randomized controlled trials. The book assesses major dietary antioxidants and discusses their use in diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, HIV/AIDS, and neurodegenerative and immune diseases. The use of antioxidants in health is also discussed along with common adverse effects associated with antioxidant use. Separating myth from fact, this book gives you insight into the true role of antioxidants in health and disease.


THE INTEREST IN ANTIOXIDANTS: WHY AND HOW? Reactive Oxygen Species: Production, Regulation, and Essential Functions; Robert B. Rucker Major Dietary Antioxidants and Their Food Sources; Moschos Polissiou and Dimitra Daferera ANTIOXIDANTS IN HEALTH In Pregnancy; Ung Lim Teo and Andrew Shennan Role of Antioxidants in Children's Growth and Development; Fatima Perez de Heredia, Ligia Esperanza Diaz, Aurora Hernandez, Ana Maria Veses, Sonia Gomez-Martinez, and Ascension Marcos Adulthood and Old Age; Antonios E. Koutelidakis and Maria Kapsokefalou Smoking, Oxidative Stress, and Antioxidant Intake; Aristea Baschali and Dimitrios Karagiannis Physical Exercise; Mustafa Atalay, Jani Lappalainen, Ayhan Korkmaz, and Chandan K. Sen ANTIOXIDANTS IN DISEASE: CHRONIC DISEASES Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke; Antonis Zampelas and Ioannis Dimakopoulos Diabetes; Vaia Lambadiari, Foteini Kousathana, and George Dimitriadis Cancer; Eleni Andreou ANTIOXIDANTS IN DISEASE: NEURODEGENERATIVE DISEASES Antioxidants in Neurodegeneration-Truth or Myth?; Francisco Capani, George Barreto, Eduardo Blanco Calvo, and Christopher Horst Lillig ANTIOXIDANTS IN DISEASE: INFLAMMATORY DISORDERS Gastrointestinal Disorders; Michael Georgoulis, Ioanna Kechribari, and Meropi D. Kontogianni Antioxidants in Obesity and Inflammation; Chrysi Koliaki, Alexander Kokkinos, and Nicholas Katsilambros ANTIOXIDANTS IN DISEASE: IMMUNE SYSTEM Modulation of Immune Response by Antioxidants; Kathrin Becker, Florian Uberall, Dietmar Fuchs, and Johanna M. Gostner ANTIOXIDANTS IN DISEASE: HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS; Heike Englert and Germaine Nkengfack ROLE OF HERBS Role of Herbs and Spices-In Health and Longevity and in Disease; Krishnapura Srinivasan Index


ISBN-13: 9781466580114
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press Inc)
Publication date: June, 2015
Pages: 344