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Abnormal Child Psychology
A Developmental Perspective
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Main description:

"Abnormal Child Psychology: A Developmental Perspective" is intended for undergraduate and Masters-level students enrolled in courses in Abnormal Child and Adolescent Psychology. Written from a developmental perspective, the book is organized around five prominent and recurring themes: the course of normal development proceeds in an orderly and predictable direction; maladaptive behaviors represent deviations from the normal path; maladaptive behavior is represented by a continuum of severity (symptoms, syndromes, disorders) based on the degree to which behaviors deviate from the norm; individual, interpersonal, contextual and cultural factors interact in a reciprocal way to influence normal development and abnormal deviations; and, theoretical input from diverse perspectives can guide our understanding of underlying processes that precipitate and maintain behaviors and the different developmental pathways that might result.The text provides students with a learning model which incorporates three essential cornerstones, which are pivotal to understanding child and adolescent psychopathology: the K3 paradigm that consists of Knowledge of Developmental Expectations, Knowledge of the Sources of Influence, and Knowledge of the Theoretical Models.
Each chapter opens with a case illustration to highlight the themes of the material that follows. The chapters conclude with a Summary Review, Glossary of New Terms and a Set of Review Questions.


Part I: The Foundations of Abnormal Child Psychology: A Developmental Perspective. Abnormal Child Psychology: Past, Present and Future. Understanding Abnormal Development: Theoretical Perspectives. Understanding Abnormal Development: Risks, Protective Factors and Culturally Diverse Youth. Developmental Considerations in Research and Practice: Ethical Issues and Research Methods. Issues in Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment. Part II: Emotional, Behavioral and Learning Difficulties in Children and Youth: Their Nature and Their Course. Part IA: Internalizing Problems: An Introduction. Anxiety Disorders With Likely Onset in Childhood. Anxiety Disorders with Likely Onset in Adolescence and Stress Disorders. Mood Disorders: Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Suicide. Part IB: Externalizing Problems: An Introduction. Behavioral Problems and Disruptive Disorders. Part II: Problems of Attention and Learning: An Introduction. Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). Part III: Problems of Late Childhood or Adolescence: An Introduction. Eating Disorders. Substance Abuse and Abuse Among Youth. Part IV: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Pervasive Developmental Disorders: An Introduction. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Pervasive Developmental Disorders.


ISBN-13: 9781135925772
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Publication date: November, 2008
Pages: 648
Dimensions: 183.00 x 259.00 x 41.00