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Brain Banking: Volume 150
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Brain Banking of Neurological and Psychiatric Diseases, Volume 150 serves as the only book on the market to offer comprehensive coverage of the functional realities of brain banking. Focus includes: brain donor recruitment strategies, brain bank networks, ethical issues, brain dissection/tissue processing/tissue dissemination, neuropathological diagnosis, brain donor data, and techniques in brain tissue analysis. In accordance with massive initiatives, such as BRAIN and the EU Human Brain Project, abnormalities and potential therapeutic targets of neurological and psychiatric disorders need to be validated in human brain tissue, thus requiring substantial numbers of well characterized human brains of high tissue quality with neurological and psychiatric diseases.


Section I. Brain Donor Recruitment Strategies 1. The Netherlands Brain Bank for Psychiatry 2. Brain donation procedures in the sudden death brain bank in Edinburgh Section II. Brain Bank Networks 3. Autism BrainNet 4. The NIH NeuroBioBank: creating opportunities for human brain research Section III. Ethical and Religious Aspects of Brain Banking and Management of Brain Banks 5. Ethical and legal issues in brain banking 6. A review of brain biorepository management and operations 7. Long term financial sustainability of brain banks Section IV. Brain Dissection, Tissue Processing and Tissue Dissemination 8. Brain dissection protocols 9. Neurochemical markers as potential indicators of post-mortem tissue quality Section V. Neuropathological Diagnosis 10. Minimal neuropathological diagnosis for brain banking in the normal middle aged and aged brain and in neurodegenerative disorders 11. Brain donation at autopsy: Clinical characterization and toxicological analyses Section VI. Brain Donor Data: Clinical, Genetic, Radiologic and Research Data Storage and Mining 12. Information technology for brain banking 13. Collecting, storing and mining research data in a brain bank 14. What can we learn about brain donors? Use of clinical information in human postmortem brain research 15. The art of matching brain tissue from patients and controls for postmortem research Section VII. Human Brain Tissue Analyses: Old and New Techniques 16. Considerations for optimal use of postmortem human brains for molecular psychiatry: Lessons from schizophrenia 17. Epigenetic analyses of human brain tissue 18. Laser microdissection and gene expression profiling in the human postmortem brain 19. Purification of cells from fresh human brain tissue: Primary human glial cells 20. Proteomics and lipidomics in the human brain 21. 3-D imaging in the post-mortem human brain with CLARITY and CUBIC 22. Neuronal life after death: Electrophysiological recordings from neurons in adult human brain tissue obtained through surgical resection or post-mortem 23. Post-mortem magnetic resonance imaging 24. Cyto- and receptorarchitectonic mapping of the human brain 25. Mapping pathological circuitry in schizophrenia


ISBN-13: 9780444636393
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Ltd)
Publication date: March, 2018
Pages: 600
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Subcategories: Neurology, Neuroscience


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