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Advances in Molecular Toxicology: Volume 8
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Advances in Molecular Toxicology features the latest advances in all of the subspecialties of the broad area of molecular toxicology. Toxicology is the study of poisons, and this series details the study of the molecular basis by which a vast array of agents encountered in the human environment and produced by the human body itself manifest themselves as toxins. Not strictly limited to documenting these examples, the series is also concerned with the complex web of chemical and biological events that give rise to toxin-induced symptoms and disease. The new technologies that are being harnessed to analyze and understand these events will also be reviewed by leading workers in the field. Advances in Molecular Toxicology will report progress in all aspects of these rapidly evolving molecular aspects of toxicology with a view toward detailed elucidation of progress on the molecular level and on advances in technological approaches employed.


The Mechanistic Complexities of Phycotoxins: Toxicology of Azaspiracids and YessotoxinsLuis M Botana, Amparo Alfonso, Carmen Vale, Natalia Vilarino, Juan Rubiolo, Eva Alonso and Eva Cagide Advances in the Analysis of Challenging Food Contaminants: Nanoparticles, Bisphenols, Mycotoxins and Brominated Flame RetardantsLubinda Mbundi, Hector Gallar-Ayala, Mohamammad Rizwan Khan, Jonathan L. Barber, Sara Losada and Rosa BusquetsMycotoxins From Alternaria: Toxicological ImplicationsChiara Dall'Asta, Martina Cirlini and Claudia Falavigna.Food-borne Topoisomerase Inhibitors: Risk or BenefitMelanie Esselen and Stephan W. BarthToxicity of Plasmonic Nanomaterials and Their Hybrid NanocompositesAhmed N. Emam, Emad Girgis, Wagdy K. B. Khalil and Mona B. Mohamed Aluminium Phytotoxicity: Physiological Approaches and ToleranceConceicao Santos, Sonia Silva and Olinda Pinto-Carnide


ISBN-13: 9780444638427
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Ltd)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 278
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Pharmacology


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